Call conjugation

Conjugate call

Present and Past

Simple I call you call it/she/he calls we call you all call they callI called you called it/she/he called we called you all called they called
ProgressiveI am calling you are calling it/she/he is calling we are calling you all are calling they are callingI was calling you were calling it/she/he was calling we were calling you all were calling they were calling
PerfectI have called you have called it/she/he has called we have called you all have called they have calledI had called you had called it/she/he had called we had called you all had called they had called
Perfect ProgressiveI have been calling you have been calling it/she/he has been calling we have been calling you have been calling they have been callingI had been calling you had been calling it/she/he had been calling we had been calling you had been calling they had been calling

Future and conditional

SimpleI will call you will call it/she/he will call we will call you all will call they will callI would call you would call it/she/he would call we would call you all would call they would call
ProgressiveI will be calling you will be calling it/she/he will be calling we will be calling you all will be calling they will be callingI would be calling you would be calling it/she/he would be calling we would be calling you all would be calling they would be calling
PerfectI will have called you will have called it/she/he will have called we will have called you all will have called they will have calledI would have called you would have called it/she/he would have called we would have called you all would have called they would have called
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been calling you will have been calling it/she/he will have been calling we will have been calling you will have been calling they will have been callingI would have been calling you would have been calling it/she/he would have been calling we would have been calling you would have been calling they would have been calling

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Usage information for call

This verb can also mean the following: jump to, state, announce, beckon, be, declare in advance, disclose the class, shout, stop, have as name, require, rouse, have as its name, disclose, demand, visit, jump, be a failure, characterize without strict regard to fact, in many games such as bridge, identify, character of, summon, request, describe, use voice, cry, rouse from sleep, match, direct, name, predict, port, have, do, contact by telephone, utter, use, declare, stop at a station, invoke a rule, contact, refer to, utter in a loud, estimate, and so on, awaken

Examples of call

Example in English
! - Conference call.
! - I'll call you back.
! - If you can call it work!
! - It's over, call it.
! - Just call them.
! - Nobody called me either!
! All we know is he's called The Stig!
! Did my sister ever tell you she hates being called "nat"?
! I called everyone!
! I called you at least ten times.
! And now you're doing TV interviews, and you've got newspapers calling, - and you like the big deal all of a sudden.
! For calling me an idiot!
! Gong Xi, they're calling for you. Here!
! I'm calling a Koga ninja bird that's in this village.
! I'm calling the police!
! - Someone calls in a favor.
! 17 missed calls.
" But he makes those calls like in The challenges.
" But he makes those calls like in The challenges.
" He calls for the Angel of Death.

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