Begin conjugation

Conjugate begin

Present and Past

Simple I begin you begin it/she/he begins we begin you all begin they beginI began you began it/she/he began we began you all began they began
ProgressiveI am beginning you are beginning it/she/he is beginning we are beginning you all are beginning they are beginningI was beginning you were beginning it/she/he was beginning we were beginning you all were beginning they were beginning
PerfectI have begun you have begun it/she/he has begun we have begun you all have begun they have begunI had begun you had begun it/she/he had begun we had begun you all had begun they had begun
Perfect ProgressiveI have been beginning you have been beginning it/she/he has been beginning we have been beginning you have been beginning they have been beginningI had been beginning you had been beginning it/she/he had been beginning we had been beginning you had been beginning they had been beginning

Future and conditional

SimpleI will begin you will begin it/she/he will begin we will begin you all will begin they will beginI would begin you would begin it/she/he would begin we would begin you all would begin they would begin
ProgressiveI will be beginning you will be beginning it/she/he will be beginning we will be beginning you all will be beginning they will be beginningI would be beginning you would be beginning it/she/he would be beginning we would be beginning you all would be beginning they would be beginning
PerfectI will have begun you will have begun it/she/he will have begun we will have begun you all will have begun they will have begunI would have begun you would have begun it/she/he would have begun we would have begun you all would have begun they would have begun
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been beginning you will have been beginning it/she/he will have been beginning we will have been beginning you will have been beginning they will have been beginningI would have been beginning you would have been beginning it/she/he would have been beginning we would have been beginning you would have been beginning they would have been beginning

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Usage information for begin

This verb can also mean the following: take the first step into something, initiate, commence existence, start, commence

Examples of begin

Example in English
! As soon as we began to suspect that Kira was a student, the timing of the killings changed as if to contradict our theory.
! Well, it all started in 1962... Utilizing advances in modern food synthesis, scientists at NASA began work on a germ hostile space meat to be used during long expeditions into deep space!
" From sullen earth sings hymns at heaven's gate, " he began to snore.
" In a little time, I began to speak to him
"" What began as a sideshow novelty soon grew into something more when the first filmmakers discovered
! - The demolition will begin in... now.
! As sexual harrassment lawsuits increase all over the state, the mother of all trials is set to begin!
" Dear Dawson l don't know where to begin."
" Name the five presidents whose last names begin with the letter H."
"'At the Edge of the Earth', where the things of the spirit begin."
! My patience is beginning to run low!
! Oh, a new beginning for the world, A nice glass of merlot--
! The people are beginning to gather, sir. They're waiting for you to judge.
" 'I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.
" All was dark at the beginning, birds, fish, and trees. There were no men, but had there been, they would have also been black, there was light for no one.
" Home is where your history begins.
" Life begins with a kickoff " Art used to say.
"'It will be a sign of my friendship with men, which begins today, "'and which my son, Jesus, will one day prove by shedding his blood for men."' "Who?" "You'II see."
"'It will be a sign of my friendship with men, which begins today, and which my son Jesus will one day prove by shedding his blood for men.'"
"...begins believing the delusions "of someone with whom they have a close relationship, the primary partner..." richard.
! We've only just begun.
"... that the war zone, the battle has just begun...
"...and I have begun work on an awning.
"...the collection of the Imperial Tax has begun."
"..has begun an integration program, where they try and purposely lower standards, to bring more blacks and diversify the campus and by the end of the next 5 years, they intend to bring over 9000!"

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