Pesarsi (to weigh) conjugation

21 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
mi peso
I weigh
ti pesi
you weigh
si pesa
he/she/it weighs
ci pesiamo
we weigh
vi pesate
you all weigh
si pesano
they weigh
Present perfect tense
mi sono pesato
I have weighed
ti sei pesato
you have weighed
si è pesato
he/she/it has weighed
ci siamo pesati
we have weighed
vi siete pesati
you all have weighed
si sono pesati
they have weighed
Past preterite tense
mi pesai
I weighed
ti pesasti
you weighed
si pesò
he/she/it weighed
ci pesammo
we weighed
vi pesaste
you all weighed
si pesarono
they weighed
Future tense
mi peserò
I will weigh
ti peserai
you will weigh
si peserà
he/she/it will weigh
ci peseremo
we will weigh
vi peserete
you all will weigh
si peseranno
they will weigh
Conditional mood
mi peserei
I would weigh
ti peseresti
you would weigh
si peserebbe
he/she/it would weigh
ci peseremmo
we would weigh
vi pesereste
you all would weigh
si peserebbero
they would weigh
Past impf. tense
mi pesavo
I used to weigh
ti pesavi
you used to weigh
si pesava
he/she/it used to weigh
ci pesavamo
we used to weigh
vi pesavate
you all used to weigh
si pesavano
they used to weigh
Past perfect tense
mi ero pesato
I had weighed
ti eri pesato
you had weighed
si era pesato
he/she/it had weighed
ci eravamo pesati
we had weighed
vi eravate pesati
you all had weighed
si erano pesati
they had weighed
Future perfect tense
mi sarò pesato
I will have weighed
ti sarai pesato
you will have weighed
si sarà pesato
he/she/it will have weighed
ci saremo pesati
we will have weighed
vi sarete pesati
you all will have weighed
si saranno pesati
they will have weighed
Present subjunctive tense
mi pesi
(if/so that) I weigh
ti pesi
(if/so that) you weigh
si pesi
(if/so that) he/she/it weigh
ci pesiamo
(if/so that) we weigh
vi pesiate
(if/so that) you all weigh
si pesino
(if/so that) they weigh
Present perf. subjunctive tense
mi sia pesato
I have weighed
ti sia pesato
you have weighed
si sia pesato
he/she/it has weighed
ci siamo pesati
we have weighed
vi siate pesati
you all have weighed
si siano pesati
they have weighed
Imperative mood
si pesi
let's weigh!
si pesino
Conditional perfect tense
mi sarei pesato
I would have weighed
ti saresti pesato
you would have weighed
si sarebbe pesato
he/she/it would have weighed
ci saremmo pesati
we would have weighed
vi sareste pesati
you all would have weighed
si sarebbero pesati
they would have weighed

Examples of pesarsi

Example in ItalianTranslation in English
Beh, qualcuno potrebbe preoccuparsi di chiudere la porta del bagno se vuole pesarsi nudo come mamma l'ha fatto.Well, maybe someone should consider locking the bathroom door if they're gonna weigh themselves buck naked.
E' ora di pesarsi.Time for a weigh-in.
No, va solo a pesarsi.No, she's just gone out to be weighed.
Perche' non possono pesarsi a casa?Why can't they just weigh themselves at home?
A questo punto, mi peso sempre alla stessa ora!Might as well weigh myself at the same time!
Perché non ti pesi?Why don't you get weighed? '
Qualche peso nei pantaloncini quando ti pesi inganna chi hai di fronte.Some weights in your pants during weighing will fool your opponent.
Ah, non so dirti... quanto mi pesi.Ah, I cannot tell you how that has weighed on me.
Larry, mi pesi la borsa?Larry, can you weigh my bag?
Ma con una perdita di peso cosi' ingente, non importa quanto si pesi, perche' tecnicamente, si e' anoressici.She still weighs 200 pounds, which is why no one even noticed it. But with that kind of a weight drop, it doesn't matter how much you weigh.
Allora, in Guatemala... i bancali vengono pesati, giusto?So, in Guatemala, the pallets are weighed, right?
E i loro peccati devono essere pesati sulla bilancia con tutto quello che c'è di giusto e vero.Their sins shall be weighed in balance with all that is just and true.
E ora che vi siete pesati... fateci vedere quanto siete incazzati.You've shown the weight. Now show the hate.
Egli parlò al cielo e disse : "Ed il popolo ti consegnerà il maligno perchè sia sottoposto al tuo giudizio divino ove i loro peccati saranno pesati sulla bilancia di tutto quello che è giusto e vero".He spoke to the sky and said the people shall deliver unto you the wicked for your divine judgement where their sins shall be weighed in the balance of all that is just and true.
I suoi organi sono stati pesati ed esaminati durante l'autopsia.His organs were examined and weighed as part of the autopsy.
Ma sono sicuro ognuno di noi ne ha perso un decilitro,se non mi credete, pesateviBut I'm sure each one of us has lost an ounce... if you don't believe me, weigh yourself
"La recente valanga di calunnie, umiliazioni ed inganni hanno pesato molto sulla mia famiglia.""The recent event's totalities of calumnies, indignities and deceits have weighed most heavily upon my family.
- Be', oggi non mi sono pesato...I haven't weighed myself today, so...
- In che senso ti hanno pesato?- What do you mean, they weighed you?
- L'ho pesato a 77 grammi.I weighed it at 77 grams.
- Mi hai pesato l'altra settimana!- I just weighed myself last week!

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