Τρώω (eat) conjugation

49 examples
This is a versatile verb, which refers to eating in many senses: human eating (e.g. eat, breakfast, dine), animal and insect eating (bite, sting), and even "eating away" by nature (i.e. corrode, rust away).

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
I eat
you eat
he/she eats
we eat
you all eat
they eat
Future tense
θα φάω
I will eat
θα φας
you will eat
θα φάει
he/she will eat
θα φάμε
we will eat
θα φάτε
you all will eat
θα φάνε
they will eat
Aorist past tense
I ate
you ate
he/she ate
we ate
you all ate
they ate
Past cont. tense
I was eating
you were eating
he/she was eating
we were eating
you all were eating
they were eating
Imperfective imperative mood
be eating
be eating
Perfective imperative mood

Examples of τρώω

Example in GreekTranslation in English
"Βασικά, πρέπει να τρώω"."Basically, I have to eat."
"Με στέλνουν να τρώω στην κουζίνα, όταν έρχονται επισκεψεις, αλλά εγώ γελάω, και τρώω καλά και γίνομαι δυνατότερος".They send me to eat in the kitchen when company comes. But I laugh, and eat well, and grow strong.
"Μου αρέσει να τρώω" Έτσι απλά.I like to eat." Just like that.
" Δε τρως πάρα πολύ;""Aren't you eating too much?"
Μὲτα: "Να τρως καλά"", μου είπε.Then: "Make sure you eat good," she said.
"Αν αυτό που τρως δε σε μεθάει, είναι επειδή δεν πεινάς αρκετά"."Does what you eat affect you? If not, you are not hungry. "
" Όταν τρώει, ο πελεκάνος, συμπιέζει νερό από τα πλευρά του,""When it eats, the pelican squeezes water out the side of its bill,
"Αυτός που κινείται, τρώει."He who moves, eats.
"Δύσκολα τρώει μια μπουκιάShe hardly eats a thing.
" Θεέ, γιατί στον παράδεισο τρώμε σαν άποροι ενώ στην κόλαση τρώνε σαν βασιλιάδες; ""God, why in heaven do we eat like paupers while in hell they eat like kings?"
"Έπρεπε να τρώμε ό,τι έφερνε ο πατέρας σπίτι από τη δουλειά."We had to eat whatever my father brought home from work.
"Από όλα τα δέντρα τού κήπου μπορείτε να τρώτε ελεύθερα."Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat.
"Για τόσο συχνά όσο τρώτε αυτό το ψωμί...""'For as often as you eat this bread...
"Μην τρώτε οποιοδήποτε από τα τρόφιμα από τους πλανόδιους πωλητές,"Don't eat any of the food from the street vendors,
" Στα έκθετα απογαλακτισμένα που τρώνε ψωμί...""Of the foundlings vulgarly who eat bread..."
" 'Το ερπετό με πλάνεψε, και έφαγα. ' "" 'The serpent beguiled me, and I ate.' "
"Δεν είμαι βουλιμική, απλά έφαγα το τσίλι στην καφετέρια!"I'm not bulimic, I just ate the cafeteria chili!
"Και την έφαγα όλη, Eddie!"And I ate it all, Eddie!
Χα, είσαι όμορφος επειδή έφαγες καλά.Ha, you're pretty because you ate well.
'Εφτιαξες τραγούδια αφού έφαγες τέσσερεις ή πέντε... με στίχους που αντικρούουν την τελευταία σου δήλωση.You've made up songs after eating five of them... with lyrics that contradict that last statement.
"Ένα αγόρι που ποτέ δεν έφαγε την ρυζόκρεμά του.""A boy who never ate his rice pudding. "
"Αυτό μπορούμε να το φάμε", και το έφαγε.'We can eat this' and ate it.
"Και μετά, όταν έφαγε, πήρε το κύπελλο, λέγοντας,...""And after the same manner, He also took the cup when he had eaten, saying...
"Πού είναι η τρώγλη που φάγαμε χτες στο σαλόνι ομορφιάς στο μπάνιο του σιδηροδρομικού σταθμού".- "Where's the clog that we ate yesterday at the beauty parlour train station bathroom?"
'Η μήπως φάγαμε τρελόχορτο που τη λογική αιχμαλωτίζει;Or have we eaten of the insane root that takes reason prisoner?
"Παιδιά εδώ φάγατε κρέμα για πρώτη φορά.""Children ate whipped cream here for the first time."
- Αυτόν τον τύπο που φάγατε μεσημεριανό μαζί.. ..κανένας δεν τον πλησιάζει..- That guy you ate lunch with, nobody goes near him.
"Πως τα ψάρια στη θάλασσα έφαγαν το πτώμα του."The fish in the sea ate up his corpse.
"Τα χέλια έφαγαν.""The eels ate."
- Δυνατές φωνές όταν έτρωγα.Some loud voices while I was eating.
- Και εγώ έτρωγα το σάντουιτς με μέλι.And I was eating the honey sandwich.
Ναι, αλλά ήταν μπροστά μου κι έτρωγα.Yeah, but they were sitting in front of us and I was eating them.
Δεν θα ένιωθες καλύτερα αν έτρωγες και συ;Would it make you feel better if you were eating, too?
- Νόμιζα ότι έτρωγες μόνος σου.Thought you were eating alone.
- Νόμιζα ότι έτρωγες στο εστιατόριο.I thought you were eating at the deli.
'Οντως έτρωγε για δύο!He was eating for two!
Και τα εστιατόρια. Είμαι σίγουρος ότι κάθε βράδυ έτρωγε έξω.I bet you he was eating out every night.
- Μακάρι κάποιος να έτρωγε φασόλια.I wish someone was eating beans.
- Όχι είναι σως, επειδή... τρώγαμε σπαγέττι...- No, it's sauce, because... We were eating spaghetti...
- Ναι, το έμαθα ενώ τρώγαμε.- Yes, the word came while we were eating.
Είπατε πως τρώγατε στον αχυρώνα, σωστά;You said you were eating in the barn, correct?
Τη μέρα των Ευχαριστιών, ενώ τρώγατε την κολοκυθόπιτά σας... ο θείος Πιτ δε σταματούσε να μιλάει για την καινούρια του βάρκα...Back at Thanksgiving, while you and K were eating your pumpkin pie, Uncle Pete wouldn't shut up about his new boat...
- Tα παιδιά έτρωγαν.- Well, the children were eating.
Έβγαλε τις κλωστές και έκανε τους πελάτες του να πιστέψουν ότι έτρωγαν άγρια ψάρια.He removed the stitches and conned his customers into believing that they were eating wild blowfish.
"Όπου δεις τετράφυλλο, φάε κι άλλο."Leaves of four, eat some more.
"Όταν μπαίνεις σε μια πόλη και είσαι καλο- δεχούμενος, φάε αυτό που είναι για εσένα."When you enter a town and are welcomed, "eat what is set before you.
"Δάσκαλε, φάε κάτι!""Teacher, have something to eat!"
"Κάθισε, φάε μαζί μας, μείνε όσο θέλεις."Grab a chair and eat with us. Stay until you ready to leave.
Τρώγοντας δεν απατάς."Eatin' ain't cheating'."

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