Siffloter (to whistle) conjugation

17 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je sifflote
I whistle
tu sifflotes
you whistle
il/elle/on sifflote
he/she/it whistles
nous sifflotons
we whistle
vous sifflotez
you all whistle
ils/elles sifflotent
they whistle
Present perfect tense
j’ai siffloté
I whistled
tu as siffloté
you whistled
il/elle/on a siffloté
he/she/it whistled
nous avons siffloté
we whistled
vous avez siffloté
you all whistled
ils/elles ont siffloté
they whistled
Past imperfect tense
je sifflotais
I was whistling
tu sifflotais
you were whistling
il/elle/on sifflotait
he/she/it was whistling
nous sifflotions
we were whistling
vous sifflotiez
you all were whistling
ils/elles sifflotaient
they were whistling
Future tense
je siffloterai
I will whistle
tu siffloteras
you will whistle
il/elle/on sifflotera
he/she/it will whistle
nous siffloterons
we will whistle
vous siffloterez
you all will whistle
ils/elles siffloteront
they will whistle
Past perfect tense
j’avais siffloté
I had whistled
tu avais siffloté
you had whistled
il/elle/on avait siffloté
he/she/it had whistled
nous avions siffloté
we had whistled
vous aviez siffloté
you all had whistled
ils/elles avaient siffloté
they had whistled
Past preterite tense
je sifflotai
I whistled
tu sifflotas
you whistled
il/elle/on sifflota
he/she/it whistled
nous sifflotâmes
we whistled
vous sifflotâtes
you all whistled
ils/elles sifflotèrent
they whistled
Past anterior tense
j’eus siffloté
I had whistled
tu eus siffloté
you had whistled
il/elle/on eut siffloté
he/she/it had whistled
nous eûmes siffloté
we had whistled
vous eûtes siffloté
you all had whistled
ils/elles eurent siffloté
they had whistled
Future perfect tense
j’aurai siffloté
I will have whistled
tu auras siffloté
you will have whistled
il/elle/on aura siffloté
he/she/it will have whistled
nous aurons siffloté
we will have whistled
vous aurez siffloté
you all will have whistled
ils/elles auront siffloté
they will have whistled
Present subjunctive tense
que je sifflote
that I whistle
que tu sifflotes
that you whistle
qu’il/elle/on sifflote
that he/she/it whistle
que nous sifflotions
that we whistle
que vous sifflotiez
that you all whistle
qu’ils/elles sifflotent
that they whistle
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie siffloté
that I have whistled
que tu aies siffloté
that you have whistled
qu’il/elle/on ait siffloté
that he/she/it have whistled
que nous ayons siffloté
that we have whistled
que vous ayez siffloté
that you all have whistled
qu’ils/elles aient siffloté
that they have whistled
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je sifflotasse
that I would whistle
que tu sifflotasses
that you would whistle
qu’il/elle/on sifflotât
that he/she/it would whistle
que nous sifflotassions
that we would whistle
que vous sifflotassiez
that you all would whistle
qu’ils/elles sifflotassent
that they would whistle
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse siffloté
that I had whistled
que tu eusses siffloté
that you had whistled
qu’il/elle/on eût siffloté
that he/she/it had whistled
que nous eussions siffloté
that we had whistled
que vous eussiez siffloté
that you all had whistled
qu’ils/elles eussent siffloté
that they had whistled
Conditional mood
je siffloterais
I would whistle
tu siffloterais
you would whistle
il/elle/on siffloterait
he/she/it would whistle
nous siffloterions
we would whistle
vous siffloteriez
you all would whistle
ils/elles siffloteraient
they would whistle
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais siffloté
I would have whistled
tu aurais siffloté
you would have whistled
il/elle/on aurait siffloté
he/she/it would have whistled
nous aurions siffloté
we would have whistled
vous auriez siffloté
you all would have whistled
ils/elles auraient siffloté
they would have whistled
Imperative mood
let's whistle!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie siffloté
have whistled
ayons siffloté
let's have whistled
ayez siffloté
have whistled

Examples of siffloter

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
- J'essaye de siffloter.- I'm trying to whistle.
Bébé, dans mon cours, il est interdit de siffloter.Bebe, you're not to whistle in class.
C'est comme avec les chiens. Il n'y a qu'à siffloter.It's as with dogs: just whistle.
Il apparaît, à notre rencontre de cet après-midi, que votre régime arrogant non seulement confine la domesticité comme des animaux dans une réserve, mais nous impose de porter ou non une veste, une canne, ou de siffloter.How is that? It is apparent. It isn't from our meeting that your presumptory regime... not only extends to confining the household... like animals in reservations... but directing us as to whether or not we should wear a coat... carry a walking-stick or whistle.
J'aurais pas dû siffloter.I shouldn't whistle.
Dino sifflote faussement.Dino falsely whistles.
Et on sifflote une douce mélodieAnd you whistle some sweet melody
II sifflote.He whistles.
J'ai l'impression d'être un joli papillon quand je sifflote.Sometimes a good whistle makes me feel like a pretty little butterfly.
Un passant sifflote.A passerby whistles.
Et ne sifflotez pas.- Or whistle.
(Bouilloire sifflotant)(Kettle whistling softly)
Et... avant de le savoir, j'étais étendue à travers leurs minuscules petits lits et tous les mineurs étaient devant moi sifflotant d'un air heureux.And, um, before knew it, I was lying across these tiny little beds and all the miners were standing over me, whistling a happy tune.
Je vous vois torse nu, avec votre brouette, sifflotant un air serein.I can see you, with your shirt off and a wheelbarrow, whistling a happy tune.
Oh, et ensuite maman se levait le matin suivant en sifflotant la comptine l've Been Working on the Railroad.Oh, and then Mom would come out the next morning whistling "I've Been Working on the Railroad."
Vous voyez, il... il est descendu ce matin en sifflotant.You know, he... He came downstairs this morning whistling.
Ensemble, ils puisèrent un chant d'une source unique, qu'ils ont siffloté en parcourant le chantier naval.Together, they drew one song from one single source, and whistled it as they wallked through the yard.

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