Se taper (to hit) conjugation

12 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je me tape
I hit
tu tu te tapes
you hit
il/elle/on il/elle/on se tape
he/she/it hits
nous nous nous tapons
we hit
vous vous vous tapez
you all hit
ils/elles ils/elles se tapent
they hit
Present perfect tense
je me suis tapé
I hit
tu t’es tapé
you hit
il/elle/on s’est tapé
he/she/it hit
nous nous sommes tapés
we hit
vous vous êtes tapés
you all hit
ils/elles se sont tapés
they hit
Past imperfect tense
je me tapais
I was hitting
tu tu te tapais
you were hitting
il/elle/on il/elle/on se tapait
he/she/it was hitting
nous nous nous tapions
we were hitting
vous vous vous tapiez
you all were hitting
ils/elles ils/elles se tapaient
they were hitting
Future tense
je me taperai
I will hit
tu tu te taperas
you will hit
il/elle/on il/elle/on se tapera
he/she/it will hit
nous nous nous taperons
we will hit
vous vous vous taperez
you all will hit
ils/elles ils/elles se taperont
they will hit
Past perfect tense
je m’étais tapé
I had hit
tu t’étais tapé
you had hit
il/elle/on s’était tapé
he/she/it had hit
nous nous étions tapés
we had hit
vous vous étiez tapés
you all had hit
ils/elles s’étaient tapés
they had hit
Past preterite tense
je me tapai
I hit
tu tu te tapas
you hit
il/elle/on il/elle/on se tapa
he/she/it hit
nous nous nous tapâmes
we hit
vous vous vous tapâtes
you all hit
ils/elles ils/elles se tapèrent
they hit
Past anterior tense
je me fus tapé
I had hit
tu te fus tapé
you had hit
il/elle/on se fut tapé
he/she/it had hit
nous nous fûmes tapés
we had hit
vous vous fûtes tapés
you all had hit
ils/elles se furent tapés
they had hit
Future perfect tense
je me serai tapé
I will have hit
tu te seras tapé
you will have hit
il/elle/on se sera tapé
he/she/it will have hit
nous nous serons tapés
we will have hit
vous vous serez tapés
you all will have hit
ils/elles se seront tapés
they will have hit
Present subjunctive tense
que je me tape
that I hit
que tu te tapes
that you hit
qu’il/elle/on se tape
that he/she/it hit
que nous nous tapions
that we hit
que vous vous tapiez
that you all hit
ils/elles qu’ils/elles  se tapent
that they hit
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que je me sois tapé
that I have hit
que tu te sois tapé
that you have hit
qu’il/elle/on se soit tapé
that he/she/it have hit
que nous nous soyons tapés
that we have hit
que vous vous soyez tapés
that you all have hit
qu’ils/elles se soient tapés
that they have hit
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je me tapasse
that I would hit
que tu te tapasses
that you would hit
qu’il/elle/on se tapât
that he/she/it would hit
que nous nous tapassions
that we would hit
que vous vous tapassiez
that you all would hit
ils/elles qu’ils/elles  se tapassent
that they would hit
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que je me fusse tapé
that I had hit
que tu te fusses tapé
that you had hit
qu’il/elle/on se fût tapé
that he/she/it had hit
que nous nous fussions tapés
that we had hit
que vous vous fussiez tapés
that you all had hit
qu’ils/elles se fussent tapés
that they had hit
Conditional mood
je me taperais
I would hit
tu tu te taperais
you would hit
il/elle/on il/elle/on se taperait
he/she/it would hit
nous nous nous taperions
we would hit
vous vous vous taperiez
you all would hit
ils/elles ils/elles se taperaient
they would hit
Conditional perfect tense
je me serais tapé
I would have hit
tu te serais tapé
you would have hit
il/elle/on se serait tapé
he/she/it would have hit
nous nous serions tapés
we would have hit
vous vous seriez tapés
you all would have hit
ils/elles se seraient tapés
they would have hit
Imperative mood
let's hit!

Examples of se taper

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
- Je ne l'ai pas vu se taper la tête.What? I didn't see him hit his head.
..pour sauver des hommes,.. ..on en paye d'autres pour se taper dessus.Whilst doctors struggle to save lives, we pay men to hit each other.
2 ans à se taper des balles dans la tête et le cœur alors je fais sauter ce qui lui sert à rien.For two years he keeps getting hit in the head and heart. So I'm blasting away that useless part.
Alors, les gars,on va se taper 31 saveurs ce week-end.So, guys, let's hit 31 Flavors this weekend.
C'est l'avantage de se taper la patronne, hein ?Nice work to be hitting that boss lady, huh? Ooh.
Pourquoi me tapez-vous la main ?Why are you hitting my hand?
Car les hommes éprouvent le besoin d'exprimer leur amour en frappant des balles, en se tapant sur les fesses, et en discutant de statistiques inutiles.Well, because men feel the need to express their love through hitting balls, slapping butts, and discussing meaningless statistics.
"Navrée de t'avoir tapé dessus. "J'espère ne pas t'avoir fait mal.Sorry for hitting you, I hope that your head is not hurting too much.
"a tapé maman à la tête" sous ses yeux."hit Mummy on the head" in front of him?
"elle a tapé la balle 4 fois."she made a hit four times.
- Avec quoi tu m'as tapé ?What did you hit me with? Nothing.
- Elle l'a tapé avec une pierre?- She hit him in the mouth with a rock?

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