Remoduler (to remodulate) conjugation

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Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je remodule
I remodulate
tu remodules
you remodulate
il/elle/on remodule
he/she/it remodulates
nous remodulons
we remodulate
vous remodulez
you all remodulate
ils/elles remodulent
they remodulate
Present perfect tense
j’ai remodulé
I remodulated
tu as remodulé
you remodulated
il/elle/on a remodulé
he/she/it remodulated
nous avons remodulé
we remodulated
vous avez remodulé
you all remodulated
ils/elles ont remodulé
they remodulated
Past imperfect tense
je remodulais
I was remodulating
tu remodulais
you were remodulating
il/elle/on remodulait
he/she/it was remodulating
nous remodulions
we were remodulating
vous remoduliez
you all were remodulating
ils/elles remodulaient
they were remodulating
Future tense
je remodulerai
I will remodulate
tu remoduleras
you will remodulate
il/elle/on remodulera
he/she/it will remodulate
nous remodulerons
we will remodulate
vous remodulerez
you all will remodulate
ils/elles remoduleront
they will remodulate
Past perfect tense
j’avais remodulé
I had remodulated
tu avais remodulé
you had remodulated
il/elle/on avait remodulé
he/she/it had remodulated
nous avions remodulé
we had remodulated
vous aviez remodulé
you all had remodulated
ils/elles avaient remodulé
they had remodulated
Past preterite tense
je remodulai
I remodulated
tu remodulas
you remodulated
il/elle/on remodula
he/she/it remodulated
nous remodulâmes
we remodulated
vous remodulâtes
you all remodulated
ils/elles remodulèrent
they remodulated
Past anterior tense
j’eus remodulé
I had remodulated
tu eus remodulé
you had remodulated
il/elle/on eut remodulé
he/she/it had remodulated
nous eûmes remodulé
we had remodulated
vous eûtes remodulé
you all had remodulated
ils/elles eurent remodulé
they had remodulated
Future perfect tense
j’aurai remodulé
I will have remodulated
tu auras remodulé
you will have remodulated
il/elle/on aura remodulé
he/she/it will have remodulated
nous aurons remodulé
we will have remodulated
vous aurez remodulé
you all will have remodulated
ils/elles auront remodulé
they will have remodulated
Present subjunctive tense
que je remodule
that I remodulate
que tu remodules
that you remodulate
qu’il/elle/on remodule
that he/she/it remodulate
que nous remodulions
that we remodulate
que vous remoduliez
that you all remodulate
qu’ils/elles remodulent
that they remodulate
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie remodulé
that I have remodulated
que tu aies remodulé
that you have remodulated
qu’il/elle/on ait remodulé
that he/she/it have remodulated
que nous ayons remodulé
that we have remodulated
que vous ayez remodulé
that you all have remodulated
qu’ils/elles aient remodulé
that they have remodulated
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je remodulasse
that I would remodulate
que tu remodulasses
that you would remodulate
qu’il/elle/on remodulât
that he/she/it would remodulate
que nous remodulassions
that we would remodulate
que vous remodulassiez
that you all would remodulate
qu’ils/elles remodulassent
that they would remodulate
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse remodulé
that I had remodulated
que tu eusses remodulé
that you had remodulated
qu’il/elle/on eût remodulé
that he/she/it had remodulated
que nous eussions remodulé
that we had remodulated
que vous eussiez remodulé
that you all had remodulated
qu’ils/elles eussent remodulé
that they had remodulated
Conditional mood
je remodulerais
I would remodulate
tu remodulerais
you would remodulate
il/elle/on remodulerait
he/she/it would remodulate
nous remodulerions
we would remodulate
vous remoduleriez
you all would remodulate
ils/elles remoduleraient
they would remodulate
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais remodulé
I would have remodulated
tu aurais remodulé
you would have remodulated
il/elle/on aurait remodulé
he/she/it would have remodulated
nous aurions remodulé
we would have remodulated
vous auriez remodulé
you all would have remodulated
ils/elles auraient remodulé
they would have remodulated
Imperative mood
let's remodulate!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie remodulé
have remodulated
ayons remodulé
let's have remodulated
ayez remodulé
have remodulated

Examples of remoduler

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
Aidez-moi à remoduler le rayon tracteur.Help me remodulate the tractor beam.
Ils vont remoduler leurs boucliers.They'll try to remodulate. Keep monitoring.
Nous pourrions remoduler le rayon tracteur sur les interférences.We could remodulate a tractor beam to match the interference.
- En remodulant les phaseurs.We could try remodulating the phasers to a higher-frequency output.
- Je l'ai eu brièvement. - Mais ils ont remodulé le champ.I had him for a second, but they've remodulated the dampening field.

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