Raccommoder (to mend) conjugation

14 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je raccommode
I mend
tu raccommodes
you mend
il/elle/on raccommode
he/she/it mends
nous raccommodons
we mend
vous raccommodez
you all mend
ils/elles raccommodent
they mend
Present perfect tense
j’ai raccommodé
I mended
tu as raccommodé
you mended
il/elle/on a raccommodé
he/she/it mended
nous avons raccommodé
we mended
vous avez raccommodé
you all mended
ils/elles ont raccommodé
they mended
Past imperfect tense
je raccommodais
I was mending
tu raccommodais
you were mending
il/elle/on raccommodait
he/she/it was mending
nous raccommodions
we were mending
vous raccommodiez
you all were mending
ils/elles raccommodaient
they were mending
Future tense
je raccommoderai
I will mend
tu raccommoderas
you will mend
il/elle/on raccommodera
he/she/it will mend
nous raccommoderons
we will mend
vous raccommoderez
you all will mend
ils/elles raccommoderont
they will mend
Past perfect tense
j’avais raccommodé
I had mended
tu avais raccommodé
you had mended
il/elle/on avait raccommodé
he/she/it had mended
nous avions raccommodé
we had mended
vous aviez raccommodé
you all had mended
ils/elles avaient raccommodé
they had mended
Past preterite tense
je raccommodai
I mended
tu raccommodas
you mended
il/elle/on raccommoda
he/she/it mended
nous raccommodâmes
we mended
vous raccommodâtes
you all mended
ils/elles raccommodèrent
they mended
Past anterior tense
j’eus raccommodé
I had mended
tu eus raccommodé
you had mended
il/elle/on eut raccommodé
he/she/it had mended
nous eûmes raccommodé
we had mended
vous eûtes raccommodé
you all had mended
ils/elles eurent raccommodé
they had mended
Future perfect tense
j’aurai raccommodé
I will have mended
tu auras raccommodé
you will have mended
il/elle/on aura raccommodé
he/she/it will have mended
nous aurons raccommodé
we will have mended
vous aurez raccommodé
you all will have mended
ils/elles auront raccommodé
they will have mended
Present subjunctive tense
que je raccommode
that I mend
que tu raccommodes
that you mend
qu’il/elle/on raccommode
that he/she/it mend
que nous raccommodions
that we mend
que vous raccommodiez
that you all mend
qu’ils/elles raccommodent
that they mend
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie raccommodé
that I have mended
que tu aies raccommodé
that you have mended
qu’il/elle/on ait raccommodé
that he/she/it have mended
que nous ayons raccommodé
that we have mended
que vous ayez raccommodé
that you all have mended
qu’ils/elles aient raccommodé
that they have mended
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je raccommodasse
that I would mend
que tu raccommodasses
that you would mend
qu’il/elle/on raccommodât
that he/she/it would mend
que nous raccommodassions
that we would mend
que vous raccommodassiez
that you all would mend
qu’ils/elles raccommodassent
that they would mend
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse raccommodé
that I had mended
que tu eusses raccommodé
that you had mended
qu’il/elle/on eût raccommodé
that he/she/it had mended
que nous eussions raccommodé
that we had mended
que vous eussiez raccommodé
that you all had mended
qu’ils/elles eussent raccommodé
that they had mended
Conditional mood
je raccommoderais
I would mend
tu raccommoderais
you would mend
il/elle/on raccommoderait
he/she/it would mend
nous raccommoderions
we would mend
vous raccommoderiez
you all would mend
ils/elles raccommoderaient
they would mend
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais raccommodé
I would have mended
tu aurais raccommodé
you would have mended
il/elle/on aurait raccommodé
he/she/it would have mended
nous aurions raccommodé
we would have mended
vous auriez raccommodé
you all would have mended
ils/elles auraient raccommodé
they would have mended
Imperative mood
let's mend!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie raccommodé
have mended
ayons raccommodé
let's have mended
ayez raccommodé
have mended

Examples of raccommoder

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
"Je me suis permis de raccommoder la doublure."I permitted myself to mend the lining
- Je ne vois rien à raccommoder.- There's nothing to mend here.
- Votre chemise est à raccommoder.- Soldier, your shirt needs mending.
-Tu veux une femme pour raccommoder tes chaussettes ?Why do you want a wife? To mend your socks?
Alors j'ai pensé venir vous donner un coup de main, brosser, raccommoder, nettoyer les chaussures, tout ce qu'il faut.So I thought I'd look in and give you a hand, brushing, mending, cleaning shoes - whatever's needed.
Alors, je le raccommode ?- Do you want me to mend your pants?
Elle raccommode, elle cuisineFirst she's mending, then baking
II faut que je raccommode ce jupon.l ought to find some way to mend this petticoat.
Je ne raccommode pas les os mais les âmes.I don't mend bones. I mend troubled souls.
Je raccommode l'armure de Lord Beric.Just mending Lord Beric's armor.
En travaillant aux champs, en raccommodant. J'attendais le jour promis par les Djinns.Planting crops, helping harvest, mending clothes Working towards the day the jinn said would come.
Je l'ai raccommodé moi-même, au camp.I mended myself, at camp.
Mais il est très bien raccommodé.But you'll find it quite neatly mended.
Tout ça a besoin d'être raccommodé.These all need to be mended.

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