Glousser (to cackle) conjugation

4 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je glousse
I cackle
tu glousses
you cackle
il/elle/on glousse
he/she/it cackles
nous gloussons
we cackle
vous gloussez
you all cackle
ils/elles gloussent
they cackle
Present perfect tense
j’ai gloussé
I cackled
tu as gloussé
you cackled
il/elle/on a gloussé
he/she/it cackled
nous avons gloussé
we cackled
vous avez gloussé
you all cackled
ils/elles ont gloussé
they cackled
Past imperfect tense
je gloussais
I was cackling
tu gloussais
you were cackling
il/elle/on gloussait
he/she/it was cackling
nous gloussions
we were cackling
vous gloussiez
you all were cackling
ils/elles gloussaient
they were cackling
Future tense
je glousserai
I will cackle
tu glousseras
you will cackle
il/elle/on gloussera
he/she/it will cackle
nous glousserons
we will cackle
vous glousserez
you all will cackle
ils/elles glousseront
they will cackle
Past perfect tense
j’avais gloussé
I had cackled
tu avais gloussé
you had cackled
il/elle/on avait gloussé
he/she/it had cackled
nous avions gloussé
we had cackled
vous aviez gloussé
you all had cackled
ils/elles avaient gloussé
they had cackled
Past preterite tense
je gloussai
I cackled
tu gloussas
you cackled
il/elle/on gloussa
he/she/it cackled
nous gloussâmes
we cackled
vous gloussâtes
you all cackled
ils/elles gloussèrent
they cackled
Past anterior tense
j’eus gloussé
I had cackled
tu eus gloussé
you had cackled
il/elle/on eut gloussé
he/she/it had cackled
nous eûmes gloussé
we had cackled
vous eûtes gloussé
you all had cackled
ils/elles eurent gloussé
they had cackled
Future perfect tense
j’aurai gloussé
I will have cackled
tu auras gloussé
you will have cackled
il/elle/on aura gloussé
he/she/it will have cackled
nous aurons gloussé
we will have cackled
vous aurez gloussé
you all will have cackled
ils/elles auront gloussé
they will have cackled
Present subjunctive tense
que je glousse
that I cackle
que tu glousses
that you cackle
qu’il/elle/on glousse
that he/she/it cackle
que nous gloussions
that we cackle
que vous gloussiez
that you all cackle
qu’ils/elles gloussent
that they cackle
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie gloussé
that I have cackled
que tu aies gloussé
that you have cackled
qu’il/elle/on ait gloussé
that he/she/it have cackled
que nous ayons gloussé
that we have cackled
que vous ayez gloussé
that you all have cackled
qu’ils/elles aient gloussé
that they have cackled
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je gloussasse
that I would cackle
que tu gloussasses
that you would cackle
qu’il/elle/on gloussât
that he/she/it would cackle
que nous gloussassions
that we would cackle
que vous gloussassiez
that you all would cackle
qu’ils/elles gloussassent
that they would cackle
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse gloussé
that I had cackled
que tu eusses gloussé
that you had cackled
qu’il/elle/on eût gloussé
that he/she/it had cackled
que nous eussions gloussé
that we had cackled
que vous eussiez gloussé
that you all had cackled
qu’ils/elles eussent gloussé
that they had cackled
Conditional mood
je glousserais
I would cackle
tu glousserais
you would cackle
il/elle/on glousserait
he/she/it would cackle
nous glousserions
we would cackle
vous glousseriez
you all would cackle
ils/elles glousseraient
they would cackle
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais gloussé
I would have cackled
tu aurais gloussé
you would have cackled
il/elle/on aurait gloussé
he/she/it would have cackled
nous aurions gloussé
we would have cackled
vous auriez gloussé
you all would have cackled
ils/elles auraient gloussé
they would have cackled
Imperative mood
let's cackle!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie gloussé
have cackled
ayons gloussé
let's have cackled
ayez gloussé
have cackled

Examples of glousser

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
Les poules ne font que glousser.I thought hens could only cluck and cackle.
Comme les poules. Valenti ne déclame pas, il glousse.Like a broody hen, Valenti doesn'tact, he cackles!
Le respecté Dr Stoner dans son laboratoire de campagne... gloussant sur ses éprouvettes bouillantes et son sérum fumant.The esteemed Dr. Stoner in his country laboratory... cackling over his bubbling bottles and dripping serum.

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