Dilater (to dilate) conjugation

15 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je dilate
I dilate
tu dilates
you dilate
il/elle/on dilate
he/she/it dilates
nous dilatons
we dilate
vous dilatez
you all dilate
ils/elles dilatent
they dilate
Present perfect tense
j’ai dilaté
I dilated
tu as dilaté
you dilated
il/elle/on a dilaté
he/she/it dilated
nous avons dilaté
we dilated
vous avez dilaté
you all dilated
ils/elles ont dilaté
they dilated
Past imperfect tense
je dilatais
I was dilating
tu dilatais
you were dilating
il/elle/on dilatait
he/she/it was dilating
nous dilations
we were dilating
vous dilatiez
you all were dilating
ils/elles dilataient
they were dilating
Future tense
je dilaterai
I will dilate
tu dilateras
you will dilate
il/elle/on dilatera
he/she/it will dilate
nous dilaterons
we will dilate
vous dilaterez
you all will dilate
ils/elles dilateront
they will dilate
Past perfect tense
j’avais dilaté
I had dilated
tu avais dilaté
you had dilated
il/elle/on avait dilaté
he/she/it had dilated
nous avions dilaté
we had dilated
vous aviez dilaté
you all had dilated
ils/elles avaient dilaté
they had dilated
Past preterite tense
je dilatai
I dilated
tu dilatas
you dilated
il/elle/on dilata
he/she/it dilated
nous dilatâmes
we dilated
vous dilatâtes
you all dilated
ils/elles dilatèrent
they dilated
Past anterior tense
j’eus dilaté
I had dilated
tu eus dilaté
you had dilated
il/elle/on eut dilaté
he/she/it had dilated
nous eûmes dilaté
we had dilated
vous eûtes dilaté
you all had dilated
ils/elles eurent dilaté
they had dilated
Future perfect tense
j’aurai dilaté
I will have dilated
tu auras dilaté
you will have dilated
il/elle/on aura dilaté
he/she/it will have dilated
nous aurons dilaté
we will have dilated
vous aurez dilaté
you all will have dilated
ils/elles auront dilaté
they will have dilated
Present subjunctive tense
que je dilate
that I dilate
que tu dilates
that you dilate
qu’il/elle/on dilate
that he/she/it dilate
que nous dilations
that we dilate
que vous dilatiez
that you all dilate
qu’ils/elles dilatent
that they dilate
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie dilaté
that I have dilated
que tu aies dilaté
that you have dilated
qu’il/elle/on ait dilaté
that he/she/it have dilated
que nous ayons dilaté
that we have dilated
que vous ayez dilaté
that you all have dilated
qu’ils/elles aient dilaté
that they have dilated
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je dilatasse
that I would dilate
que tu dilatasses
that you would dilate
qu’il/elle/on dilatât
that he/she/it would dilate
que nous dilatassions
that we would dilate
que vous dilatassiez
that you all would dilate
qu’ils/elles dilatassent
that they would dilate
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse dilaté
that I had dilated
que tu eusses dilaté
that you had dilated
qu’il/elle/on eût dilaté
that he/she/it had dilated
que nous eussions dilaté
that we had dilated
que vous eussiez dilaté
that you all had dilated
qu’ils/elles eussent dilaté
that they had dilated
Conditional mood
je dilaterais
I would dilate
tu dilaterais
you would dilate
il/elle/on dilaterait
he/she/it would dilate
nous dilaterions
we would dilate
vous dilateriez
you all would dilate
ils/elles dilateraient
they would dilate
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais dilaté
I would have dilated
tu aurais dilaté
you would have dilated
il/elle/on aurait dilaté
he/she/it would have dilated
nous aurions dilaté
we would have dilated
vous auriez dilaté
you all would have dilated
ils/elles auraient dilaté
they would have dilated
Imperative mood
let's dilate!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie dilaté
have dilated
ayons dilaté
let's have dilated
ayez dilaté
have dilated

Examples of dilater

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
- Pour dilater la pupille.To dilate the pupil.
Ce qui peut rendre un test urinaire positif aux opiacés, mais certainement pas dilater mes pupilles.Which could cause a positive urine test for opiates, but certainly not dilate my pupils.
Il sert également à dilater les vaisseaux sanguins durant l'activité physique et empêche la formation de plaques.It also helps to dilate constricted blood vessels during physical activity and inhibits the formation of plaque.
J'ai vu ceux de Ryan se dilater quand Gibbs entrait dans son bureau.I saw Ryan's dilate when Gibbs walked into her office the other day.
J'ai vu tes pupilles se dilater quand tu l'as regardée.I thought I saw your pupils dilate when you looked at her.
C'est bien sûr une erreur de dire que les chats voient dans le noir, ils ne le peuvent pas, mais ils voient mieux que nous les humains, parce que l'iris de leurs yeux se dilate la nuit.It's a fallacy of course that cats can see in the dark, they can't; but they can see better than we humans because the iris of their eyes dilates at night.
Cela dilate les vaisseaux sanguins et il devient alors difficile de parler.It dilates the blood vessels and makes it hard to talk.
Eh bien, tu sais ce qui dilate les pupilles sinon ?Well, you know what else makes pupils dilate?
Elle se dilate, c'est un oui.You dilate, that's a "yes."
Je fais une suture autour du col pour le renforcer pour qu'il ne se dilate pas sous le poids du bébé.I place a stitch around the cervix to reinforce it... so it won't weaken and dilate under the weight of your growing baby.
- C'est dilaté ?- How dilated is she?
- Deux, col effacé et dilaté.- Station two plus, effaced and dilated.
- Il a l'intestin dilaté.- See? He has dilated loops of bowel.
- Le conduit biliaire est dilaté.- Biliary duct is dilated.
- Le ventricule droit est dilaté.- Right ventricle's dilated.

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