Coulisser (to slide) conjugation

15 examples

Conjugation of eiti

Present tense
je coulisse
I slide
tu coulisses
you slide
il/elle/on coulisse
he/she/it slides
nous coulissons
we slide
vous coulissez
you all slide
ils/elles coulissent
they slide
Present perfect tense
j’ai coulissé
I slid
tu as coulissé
you slid
il/elle/on a coulissé
he/she/it slid
nous avons coulissé
we slid
vous avez coulissé
you all slid
ils/elles ont coulissé
they slid
Past imperfect tense
je coulissais
I was sliding
tu coulissais
you were sliding
il/elle/on coulissait
he/she/it was sliding
nous coulissions
we were sliding
vous coulissiez
you all were sliding
ils/elles coulissaient
they were sliding
Future tense
je coulisserai
I will slide
tu coulisseras
you will slide
il/elle/on coulissera
he/she/it will slide
nous coulisserons
we will slide
vous coulisserez
you all will slide
ils/elles coulisseront
they will slide
Past perfect tense
j’avais coulissé
I had slid
tu avais coulissé
you had slid
il/elle/on avait coulissé
he/she/it had slid
nous avions coulissé
we had slid
vous aviez coulissé
you all had slid
ils/elles avaient coulissé
they had slid
Past preterite tense
je coulissai
I slid
tu coulissas
you slid
il/elle/on coulissa
he/she/it slid
nous coulissâmes
we slid
vous coulissâtes
you all slid
ils/elles coulissèrent
they slid
Past anterior tense
j’eus coulissé
I had slid
tu eus coulissé
you had slid
il/elle/on eut coulissé
he/she/it had slid
nous eûmes coulissé
we had slid
vous eûtes coulissé
you all had slid
ils/elles eurent coulissé
they had slid
Future perfect tense
j’aurai coulissé
I will have slid
tu auras coulissé
you will have slid
il/elle/on aura coulissé
he/she/it will have slid
nous aurons coulissé
we will have slid
vous aurez coulissé
you all will have slid
ils/elles auront coulissé
they will have slid
Present subjunctive tense
que je coulisse
that I slide
que tu coulisses
that you slide
qu’il/elle/on coulisse
that he/she/it slide
que nous coulissions
that we slide
que vous coulissiez
that you all slide
qu’ils/elles coulissent
that they slide
Present perfect subjunctive tense
que j’aie coulissé
that I have slid
que tu aies coulissé
that you have slid
qu’il/elle/on ait coulissé
that he/she/it have slid
que nous ayons coulissé
that we have slid
que vous ayez coulissé
that you all have slid
qu’ils/elles aient coulissé
that they have slid
Imperfect subjunctive tense
que je coulissasse
that I would slide
que tu coulissasses
that you would slide
qu’il/elle/on coulissât
that he/she/it would slide
que nous coulissassions
that we would slide
que vous coulissassiez
that you all would slide
qu’ils/elles coulissassent
that they would slide
Past perfect subjunctive tense
que j’eusse coulissé
that I had slid
que tu eusses coulissé
that you had slid
qu’il/elle/on eût coulissé
that he/she/it had slid
que nous eussions coulissé
that we had slid
que vous eussiez coulissé
that you all had slid
qu’ils/elles eussent coulissé
that they had slid
Conditional mood
je coulisserais
I would slide
tu coulisserais
you would slide
il/elle/on coulisserait
he/she/it would slide
nous coulisserions
we would slide
vous coulisseriez
you all would slide
ils/elles coulisseraient
they would slide
Conditional perfect tense
j’aurais coulissé
I would have slid
tu aurais coulissé
you would have slid
il/elle/on aurait coulissé
he/she/it would have slid
nous aurions coulissé
we would have slid
vous auriez coulissé
you all would have slid
ils/elles auraient coulissé
they would have slid
Imperative mood
let's slide!
Past perfect imperative mood
aie coulissé
have slid
ayons coulissé
let's have slid
ayez coulissé
have slid

Examples of coulisser

Example in FrenchTranslation in English
Ce sont des cordelettes, que l'on enroule sur la corde. On les fait coulisser, puis on bloque le nœud pour s'accrocher.And if you use a special twisting knot on the rope, you can slide it up the rope, and pull on it, and the knot grips the rope.
Homer, il faut faire coulisser les portes pour ouvrir.Homer, you're supposed to slide those doors open.
Suffit de faire coulisser ça.But it's easy. You just slide the thing, you know.
Tu dois plus coulisser.- You've gotta slide more. - # What they said #
Vous savez, du type empêchant de faire coulisser les portes ?Uh, you know,the kind that-that, uh... that makes it impossibleto slide open?
- Une trompette à coulisse, bien sûr.- Yeah, slide trumpet.
Attendez, attendez, pas comme çà, surtout pas, sans à coups, vous allez voir, normalement ça coulisse tout seul, comme çà.Wait, wait, not like that, especially not... jerkily, you'll see, it normally slides easily,... like that.
Comment tenir le 'bone, bouger la coulisse, quand souffler.No, I'm gonna show him how to hold the bone, move the slide, blow at the right time. - You know.
En principe, cette porte coulisse.Oh, that door basically slides back and forth. It may need some oil.
L'animal entre, se prend dans le fil, la porte coulisse, il est piégé.The beast will enter, tripping the wire, the door will slide down behind him, trapping him.
Alignez le panneau coulissant AB avec la barre EF.Er...align sliding panel AB alongside bar EF.
Il y a un bouton pour un mur coulissant ici.There's a trigger for a sliding wall right here.
Maintenant, place l'isotope radioactif derrière l'obturateur coulissant.Then you place the radioactive isotope... carefully behind the sliding shutter.
Platine cd 2 qui correspond au bouton coulissantCD player two, which corresponds with the sliding button, channel two.
Tous les 50 km, vous mettez un petit portillon coulissant. Mais les portiollons font seulement 30 cm de large et sont seulement ouvertes une fois par mois pendant 7 secondes.Every fifty miles you put a small sliding gate but the gates are only ten inches wide and there only open once a month for seven seconds.

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