Practice makes perfect. Навык мастера ставит. La pratique rend parfait. Übung macht den Meister. La práctica hace la perfección. Gyakorlat teszi a mestert. Harjutamine teeb meistriks.

So many languages have a version of this saying that it would be highly surprising if all of them turned out to be wrong! Indeed, as most language learners realise sooner or later, there is an important gap between knowing the grammar rules passively and being able to use them actively in a real-life scenario. Verb conjugations are a particularly tricky matter in some languages. That’s where you can’t get away without sufficient practice!

With this need in mind, Cooljugator is introducing its first game. You can now test your skills on finding the correct form of the verb in a real sentence (taken from our plentiful examples on the website). The game has two modes: a multiple choice version and a version where you need to type in the correct form yourself.

The game is only available in a limited number of languages so far but we are working to expand it to all languages featured on Cooljugator. It is also currently in beta, meaning you may encounter some mistakes or sentences that are out of context. If you find such errors, please email us!

We would be grateful for any feedback on this game, or ideas for what other ways of practising verb conjugation you might like to see on Cooljugator!

Happy conjugating!