Would you like to be part of Cooljugator’s mission to create the #1 go-to resource for verb conjugation and grammar in any language? We are Linas and Alexey, the founders of Cooljugator, and we are currently hiring! If you’d like to join our team, here is what we are looking for!

What we do:

  • Develop a language learning resource that is now growing fast and needs more hands and time than we have to manage.
  • Discuss languages, science, TV shows and anything and everything interesting happening under the Sun on our team Slack.

What we need help with:

  • Outreach:
    • cooperation and communication with other companies and websites in our domain;
    • helping us maintain a social media and forum presence;
    • helping us maintain our mailing list;
    • blogging and general outreach;
    • linkbuilding and SEO.
  • Quality assurance and product development:
    • recruiting for and managing a community of volunteers to help proofread and expand our resources;
    • designing digital media and printable language learning materials.
  • Website development:
    • helping us make our website’s design more intuitive, improving the organisation of elements;
    • improving our website’s overall design and usability on desktop and mobile.

Who we are looking for:

  • Essential:

    • excellent English skills;
    • excellent communication skills;
    • ability to deliver on time;
    • willingness to learn and immediately apply new skills.
  • Advantageous:

    • an interest in languages;
    • web design experience;
    • SEO and growth hacking experience;
    • website development experience.

Full-time, location independent, with initial probation period of two months. If we like working with you, there will be an opportunity to get involved in some of our other new projects.

Get in touch!

If interested, please contact via Facebook or email. Send us your CV and a very brief description of your skills, previous projects and interests.

Please share this blog post or forward to anyone you know who might be interested.