Завидеть (Zavidet') conjugation

Завидеть is perfective. Its imperfective counterparts: видеть

Conjugate завидеть (zavidet') - to see

A conjugation map of the perfective Russian verb завидеть.InfinitiveInfinitivePast tenseImperativeFuture IFuture youFuture theyFuture forms
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Future tense

Russian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
завижу I will see
завидишь you will see
завидит he/she will see
завидим we will see
завидите you all will see
завидят they will see

Perfective Past tense

Russian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
завидел he saw
завидела she saw
завидело it saw
завидели they saw

Perfective Imperative mood

Russian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
завидь see

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Usage information for завидеть

This verb can also mean the following: notice, catch sight of

Examples of завидеть

Example in RussianTranslation in EnglishFm.
Нет, не поверю, Чтоб, вас завидев, крадучись, бежал он, Как виноватый.No, sure, I cannot think it that he would sneak away so guilty-like, seeing you coming.

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