Regėti conjugation

Conjugate regėti - to see

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Present tense

Lithuanian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
regiu I see
regi you see
regi he/she does see
regime we see
regite you all see
regi they see

Past tense

Lithuanian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
regėjau I did see
regėjai you did see
regėjo he/she did see
regėjome we did see
regėjote you all did see
regėjo they did see

Past frequentative tense

Lithuanian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
regėdavau I used to see
regėdavai you used to see
regėdavo he/she used to see
regėdavome we used to see
regėdavote you all used to see
regėdavo they used to see

Future tense

Lithuanian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
regėsiu I will see
regėsi you will see
regės he/she will see
regėsime we will see
regėsite you all will see
regės they will see

Conditional mood

Lithuanian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
regėčiau I would see
regėtum you would see
regėtų he/she would see
regėtume we would see
regėtute you all would see
regėtų they would see

Imperative mood

Lithuanian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
regėk you see!
regėkiteyou all see!

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Usage information for regėti

This is an old way of saying "to see". It is most frequently encountered in expressions such as "jis/ji to akyse neregėjo" literally meaning "he/she it (in his/her eyes) has not seen" meaning that somebody has never seen something before.

Examples of regėti

Example in LithuanianTranslation in EnglishFm.
-Kada pradėsi regėti?When do you get to see?
Daugiau nenoriu jo akyse regėti!l never want to see him again.
Kai smegenys pripras turėsite mikroschemą, pradėsite regėti vis daugiau ir daugiau iš pažeistos akies.So when your brain gets used to having that chip in there, you should start to see more and more out of your uninjured eye again.
Nenorėjau akyse regėti nė vieno šio pasaulio nedorėlio.And I didn't want to see anybody else ruined by this world.
Bandau įsivaizduoti tave, Rolfai... ir štai ką regiu:I try to picture you, Rolf... and this is what I see:
Kartais regiu šviesos blyksnius...Sometimes I see flashes of light...
Nes aš regiu savo naujuosius apartamentus Kitės, mano draugų namus o tą būstą išnuomosiu.Really? Because I see my new apartment and a place for Kitty, one for my friends and that place over there, I'll rent out.
regiu mirtį dėl kultūrinio šoko.I see death by culture shock.
Vos tik užmerkiu akis, regiu jų blondiniškus plaukus ir pasipūtėliškus, laimingus veidus.Every time I close my eyes I see their blond hair and their smug, satisfied faces.
A i r i j o j e p r i o r i t e t a s s k i r i a n t l ė š a s v a i k ų prie ž i į s tai g o m s pa gal Naci on a li n ę i n v e s t a v i m o į v a i kų prie ž i ūrą p ro g r afim m ą (National Childcare Investment Programme) teiki afim a s atsižvel giant į regi on o ą.It includes services available for all, with greater support for children and families who are most in need, such as ethnic minority children and families, the unemployed, people with disabilities, teenage and lone parents, and asylum seekers.
Tačiau, „R@“ grupės mokiniai sako, kad jie išmoko mąstyti kitaip ir dabar regi verslininkystę kaip rimtą jų gyvenimo galimybę.However, the students from the ‘R@’ group say that they have learned to think in new ways, and now see entrepreneurship as an important option in their lives.
Tu regi jo veidą.You see his face through the sign.
Kasdien savyje regėdavau tai, ką dabar regi tu.Every day, I saw in myself everything you see in me now.
Turėjau omeny, ar regi kibirkštį?No. I mean... like, do you see a sparkle?
Juk kai mintyse regime didinga žirgą, tai jo kanopos išdidžiai šuoliuoja lyguma.Think when we talk of horses... that you see them, printing their proud hoofs in the receiving earth.
Nors regėjau jų veidus, man to neužteko.I can see all their faces, but it is not enough,
Keliaudamas regėjau ateitį.In my travels, I have seen the future.
Visa tai regėjai vizijoje?You have seen this in a vision?
-Sakyk man ką regėjai.-Tell me what you have seen.
Ką tu regėjai?What did you see?
Tu juos regėjai.You've seen them.
Ji regėjo daugiau pinigų savo gyvenime nei kada nors anksčiau.She seen more money in her life than she ever had.
Regėsi mano gyvenimą savo akimis o aš regėsiu tavąjį savosiomis.You will see my life through your eyes as your life will be seen through mine.
Regėsi mano gyvenimą savo akimis o aš regėsiu tavąjį savosiomis.You will see my life through your eyes as your life will be seen through mine.

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