Ver conjugation

Conjugate ver - to see

Present tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
veo I see
ves you see
ve he/she/it sees
vemos we see
veis you all see
ven they see

Past imperfect tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
veía I used to see
veías you used to see
veía he/she/it used to see
veíamos we used to see
veíais you all used to see
veían they used to see

Past preterite tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
vi I saw
viste you saw
vio he/she/it saw
vimos we saw
visteis you all saw
vieron they saw

Future tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
veré I will see
verás you will see
verá he/she/it will see
veremos we will see
veréis you all will see
verán they will see

Conditional mood

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
vería I would see
verías you would see
vería he/she/it would see
veríamos we would see
veríais you all would see
verían they would see

Present perfect tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
he visto I have seen
has visto you have seen
ha visto he/she/it has seen
hemos visto we have seen
habéis visto you all have seen
han visto they have seen

Past perfect tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
había visto I had seen
habías visto you had seen
había visto he/she/it had seen
habíamos visto we had seen
habíais visto you all had seen
habían visto they had seen

Future perfect tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
habré visto I will have seen
habrás visto you will have seen
habrá visto he/she/it will have seen
habremos visto we will have seen
habréis visto you all will have seen
habrán visto they will have seen

Present subjunctive tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
vea (if/so that) I see
veas (if/so that) you see
vea (if/so that) he/she/it see
veamos (if/so that) we see
veáis (if/so that) you all see
vean (if/so that) they see

Present perfect subjunctive tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
haya visto I have seen
hayas visto you have seen
haya visto he/she/it has seen
hayamos visto we have seen
hayáis visto you all have seen
hayan visto they have seen

Past imperfect subjunctive tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
viera (if/so that) I have seen
vieras (if/so that) you have seen
viera (if/so that) he/she/it have seen
viéramos (if/so that) we have seen
vierais (if/so that) you all have seen
vieran (if/so that) they have seen

Past imperfect subjunctive (second) tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
viese (if/so that) I have seen
vieses (if/so that) you have seen
viese (if/so that) he/she/it have seen
viésemos (if/so that) we have seen
vieseis (if/so that) you all have seen
viesen (if/so that) they have seen

Past perfect subjunctive tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
hubiera visto I had seen
hubieras visto you had seen
hubiera visto he/she/it had seen
hubiéramos visto we had seen
hubierais visto you all had seen
hubieran visto they had seen

Past perfect subjunctive (second) tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
hubiese visto I had seen
hubieses visto you had seen
hubiese visto he/she/it had seen
hubiésemos visto we had seen
hubieseis visto you all had seen
hubiesen visto they had seen

Future subjunctive tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
viere (if/so that) I will have seen
vieres (if/so that) you will have seen
viere (if/so that) he/she/it will have seen
viéremos (if/so that) we will have seen
viereis (if/so that) you all will have seen
vieren (if/so that) they will have seen

Future perfect subjunctive tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
hubiere visto I will have seen
hubieres visto you will have seen
hubiere visto he/she/it will have seen
hubiéremos visto we will have seen
hubiereis visto you all will have seen
hubieren visto they will have seen

Imperative mood

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
ve see!
vea see!
veamos let's see!
ved see!
vean see!

Imperative negative mood

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
no veas do not see!
no vea let him/her/it see!
no veamos let us not see!
no veáis do not see!
no vean do not see!

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Usage information for ver

This verb can also have the following meanings: to watch, watch

Examples of ver

Example in SpanishTranslation in EnglishFm.
! - Debes ver esto.- You have to see this.
! - No. Probablemente nos dejen vagar solos a ver cuanto daño podemos hacer.Nah, they'll probably just let us all wander around unattended to see how much damage we can do.
! Hablas como si nunca nos fueramos a volver a ver.Lana, you're talking like we're never going to see each other again.
! Me alegra ver que el cociente de paranoia es tan alto como siempre!(Hammond) Glad to see the paranoia quotient is as high as ever!
! No podía esperar a ver esto!For the chance to see this, light speed isn't fast enough!
! - Sí, sí, lo veo.- Yes, yes, I see it.
! Es la primera vez que veo esta clase de oferta!This is the first time l've seen such kind of offering!
! Espera! Ya veo lo que está ocurriendo aquí.I see what's happening here.
! Lo veo!I see it!
! Ya ves, ¡funciona!You see, it works!
! ¿Eres tan narcisista que no ves que...Are you so narcissistic you can't see
! ¿Es que no ves que es una trampa?Can't you see it's a trap?
" No muy amenudo ves algo queCommentator 2: It's not often you think you've seen something
" V en acá, perra ¿No ves que hay $5?"'Come here, bitch Can't you see there's $5?
" y sus mulatos se ve en todas las familias"and the mulattoes one sees in every family
"'Ve a una joven muchacha dormida a la sombra de una palmera.He sees a young girl sleeping in the shade of a plain tree.
! Gracias, nos vemos¡Thanks, I'll see you!
! Nos vemos, muchachos!Guys, I'll see you!
! ¡Aún no! ¡Todavía no les vemos, señor!We can't see them yet, sir!
"Adiós, nos vemos luego.""good-bye, see you later"?
"Adiós, nos vemos uno de estos días.""Bye bye, see you one of these days."
" A pesar de lo que veisIn spite of what you see
"Decidme lo que veis.""Tell me what you see."
"Esta concentración de protesta que veis es del Comité de Competencia de la India."'This protest rally that you are seeing belongs to Competent India Committee.'
"Podréis ver lo que no veis""."What you can't see, you can see".
"si la veis, llamadme","if you see her, you call me,"
! Sus ojos no ven hasta que no se abren!They have eyes that see not until they are open!
" Mis ojos están tristes porque ven la tristeza que hay en los tuyos"My eyes are sad because they see the sadness in yours.
" Pero mis ojos sólo te ven a ti""But my eyes see only you."
" Se le ven las ligas Pero eso no es gratisThey can see her garters but not for free and gratis
""Ya lo sé"". Caminan un par de cuadras y ven a un tercer amigo. Él se acerca y dice:They walk a couple blocks further, they see a third friend, and he says...
! -¡Te vi con mis propios ojos!- I saw you with my own eyes!
! Bueno, quizás hice algunas sugerencias constructivas, pero solo porque vi potencial en él.Well, I may have made a few constructive suggestions, but only because I saw potential in the guy.
! Pensé que vi una luz verde.! [ laughs ] I thought I saw a green light there.
! Vi un video de Woodstock una vez.I saw a video about Woodstock once.
! Eres la única testigo... y los asesinos no saben qué viste.- You're the only witness, and the killers don't know what you saw.
! Tu lo viste!You saw him!
! ¡¿Me viste?You saw?
"Accidentalmente" viste a mi madre desnuda.- ... You "accidentally" saw my mom naked. - Mm-hmm.
! - Ninguno de nosotros realmente vio.- None of us actually saw it.
! Es un amiguito, que vio que te llamas Izzie y pensó que eras un chico.It's a boy-toy, who saw your name is Izzie and thought you was a guy.
" .. y en un sueño vio que Rahul era el secuestrador.""...and saw a dream, where Rahul was a kidnapper."
" Mi papá vio la muerte de Al Bundy y solo le dejo esta polera piojosa"."My Dad saw Al Bundy killed and all I got was this lousy T-shirt" T-shirts.
" Todas lo vimos al mismo tiempo"We all saw him at the same time
"...él vino, nosotros vimos, y nos conquistó."...he came... we saw... he conquered!
"Cuando esto empezó a aclararse y vimos todo el relieve, fue la primera vez que todo este asunto de Marte empezó a tomar forma en el sentido de saber cuál era su geología.'When this thing began to shape up,' and we saw these features, that was the first time planet Mars had ever taken shape in terms of knowing its physical features.
"La tendimos en la cama y vimos que llevaba un angelito en su vientre".We laid her on her bed, and saw She had an angel's child in her womb
"Sé que película visteis el último verano""I know what film you saw last summer."
- Dicen que visteis jabalís. - Sí.I hear you saw some wild boar.
- Estabais ahí, lo visteis.- You were there, you saw it.
- Sí. - ¿Y visteis su rostro?- Then you saw not his face.
" que los hombres que la vieron elevarse Pueden vivir para verla caer ""that men who saw it rise may live to see it fall."
"Al separar la hierba, vieron un ramito de yemas de deutzia..."Parting the grass, they saw a sprig of deutzia buds...
"Aquéllos que lo vieron sintieron""Those who saw him felt"
"Cuando vieron al 1 convertido en 10.""When they saw 1 become 10"
"Besa a alguien y lo veré".Forever." "Kiss anyone, and I will see.
"Si pongo a este de derecha me aprobarán, me veré moderado y eso incrementará mis chances de ganar en 2012 por quizás la mitad de un porcentaje".I will seem so moderate and that will increase my chances of winning in 2012 by maybe half a percent.
"Te veré arrastrarte en el lago de fuego."I will see you grovel in the lake of fire.
"Te veré de nuevo cuando todos nosotros encontremos nuestra salvación."I will see you again when we all find our salvation.
"Te veré esta noche.""l will see you tonight."
! sí, lo verás!Yes, you will see it!
"Agregue los huevos de gente de mar al agua verás la vida marina esparciéndose instantáneamente""Add the sea people eggs to the water you will see sea life spring instantly."
"Saca primero la viga de tu ojo, entonces verás claramente.""First take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly."
"Si ves lo que es invisible, verás lo que tienes que escribir. ""See what is invisible, and you will see what to write."
"A partir de aquí, se verá la semilla que ha sido sembrada."From here, you will see the seed that's been sown.
"Ahí verá Io que la vida es en verdad.There he will see what life really is.
"Alice te verá a las 11:30 esta noche en Dunhill""Alice will see you at 11:30 tonight at Dunhill. "
"El pobre bastardo los verá muy pronto"."the poor bastard will see them soon enough."
"La gente del norte no me verá más"The folks up North will see me no more
"Ahora veremos quien cree en mí."We will see who believes in me now.
"El nos dice que en poco tiempo, ya no lo veremos... y que en un poco mas de tiempo, lo volveremos a ver... y también dice, Que se va al Padre..."He tells us that in a little while, we will not see him... "and then a little while later, we will see him. "and he also says, 'It is because I am going to the Father.'
"Nos veremos pronto."We will see each other soon.
"Un día veremos viudas sus hijos estarán muertos sus cabellos desatados en su día de periodo y honrarán cadáveres fríos con su llanto"."One day we will see widows, "their children dead, their hair unbound, "on the day of their period,
*Juntos nos veréis hasta el final*♪ Togetherness will see us through to the end ♪
- Y veréis las domingas de mi Julie.- Plus you will see Julie's babylons.
Anuncio además que de ahora en adelante veréis al Hijo del hombre sentado a la derecha de Dios viniendo sobre las nubes del cielo.And you will see the Son of God again when he is seated on the right hand of God's power and comes on the clouds of heaven.
Así veréis lo que vale la vida cuando todo lo demás se ha ido.Then you will see exactly what life is worth when all the rest has gone.
" Los americanos, que ganen menos de 80000 dólares... verán reducido su cuota neta del 15 y 28% al 12 y 23 %, respectivamente. " Ya me duermo."In the Bartlet plan, Americans making less than $80,000 will see their marginal tax rate cut from 15 percent and 28 percent to 12 percent and 23 percent." I'm sleeping already.
" Si miran a la derecha verán la Isla de Hiva Oan."" On the left you will see the island of Hiva oan."
"Cambien su perspectiva y verán algo nuevo"'Change your perspective and you will see something new '.
"Es un director importante y todos en Hollywood verán esta película"."David Lynch is a very important director, and I think everybody in Hollywood will see this film."
"Hoy verán a un duque convertirse en un rey. ""Today you will see a duke changed into a king."
# La fuerza con la que el viento sopla hacia el desastre # # Ni las cosas que vería #* Just how hard the wind could * * blow * * towards disaster, and the * * things that I would see *
# Quién hubiera sabido que vería este momento # # Una nueva forma de vivir, la oportunidad de ser libre #Who could've known that this moment, I would see a new way of living?
- Bueno, la Srta. Warren está acostumbrada a un ambiente cooperativo y pensé que así vería cómo funciona.That's a first. Well, Ms. Warren is used to a cooperative environment, I... I thought I would see what it was like.
"Si sólo pudiera demostrártelo verías que..."If only I could prove it to you You would see
*Siempre deseé lo mejor para ti* pensaba que me verías a través♪ I always wished the best for you ♪ ♪ thought that you would see me through ♪
- Si hubiera estado, 5 o 10 minutos en esa sala, - verías lo obsceno, y ultrajante ...If you'd spent ten minutes in that screening room, five minutes, you would see how obscene, how outrageous...
- Si vinieras aquí lo verías.- If you came here, you would see.
- Lo veríamos si estuviera aquí, se fue.We would see him if he was here. He's gone.
- Pensé que te veríamos.I thought we would see you.
Pensé que vosotras jóvenes mujeres veríais que habla por todas nosotras.I thought you younger women would see that she speaks for us all.
"que si creían verían la gloria de Dios?""that if you believed you would see the glory of God?"
- No, nos verían.- No, they would see us.
-Natalie, ellos te verían.Natalie, they would see you.
...siél no aparecía. Si Chaplin estuviera en el film, sólo verían a Charlie Chaplin.If Charlie Chaplin was in the film, nobody would see anybody but Charlie Chaplin.
! Espera a que todo Boston te vea!Wait until all Boston sees you !
" En que vea la cara de alguien para quienWhen I see the face
"Cada vez que te vea.""Every time I see you."
"Choca cuernos con Moray si lo deseas, pero no trates de aplastarlo" "Y no hagas alarde de tus indiscreciones para que todo el mundo las vea"'Lock horns with Moray if you must, but you will not seek to crush him, 'and you will not flaunt your indiscretions for the world to see. '
" Así que no hay razón para que lo veas alguna vez, ¿verdad? ""So there's no reason for you to ever see him, is there?"
"'Llénala con lo que veas en el camino."'"fill it with what you see on your way."
"... para que veas a tu hermano..."... so you could see your kid brother...
"...que mantengas alta tu cabeza y veas a tus hijos alimentados"To keep your head and see his children fed.
"Cierra los ojos cuando no veas tu destino""When you close your eyes and seek you find the path to God."
"Dejémoslo a correr y veamos qué pasa."Let's run it up the flagpole and see what happens. J.D."
"Hazor," veamos: "Hazer, Hazir," acá está.Hazor... Let me see... Hazer, Hazire, Hazor!
"Hoy será mejor que no nos veamos debo acompañar a Clara a por su regalo""We'd better not see each other today. I'm taking Clara to choose her present."
"Ida y vuelta" es que nos veamos dos noches seguidas."Back to Backs" is seeing each other two nights in a row.
"Iremos a donde veamos humo"."Wherever we see a smoke stack, we'll go."
"Basta con que veáis sin mirar""."You just have to see without looking".
- María se niega a veros y a que vos la veáis.Categorically refuses to see you, even remotely.
- No cuando veáis quién es.- Not when you see who it is.
A menos que vosotros veáis algo que yo no.Unless you guys see something I don't.
Advertidle a todo el que veáis del peligro que nos acecha.Make every one you see aware of the danger that is in our midst.
"Cuando caigan de los párpados, entonces deja que se vean.""When it drops from the eyelids, then let it see."
"Dios ha cegado sus ojos y cerrado sus mentes... para que sus ojos no vean y sus mentes no entiendan... y ellos no vengan a mi" dice Dios... para que yo los sane""God has blinded their eyes and closed their minds... "so that their eyes would not see, and their minds would not understand... "and they would not turn to me," says God...
"Entonces deja que se vean.""Then let it see."
"Ey, no puedo permitir que mis votantes me vean en uno de esos.""Hey, I can't let my voters see me in one of those."
- Puede que la viera ir hacia allí.- He might have seen her go there.
- Y luego es posible que alguien te viera.And then of course it is possible that someone may have seen you.
- ¡¿Cómo es posible que no lo viera?How could I not have seen it?
"Mi pobre hermano. Es imposible que vieras lo que sucedió.""My poor brother, you could not have seen it."
- Si vieras cómo estaba, parecía una fuente.You should have seen her, it was like a fountain.
Debes de haber visto algo que ellos no querían que vieras.You must have seen something that they didn't want you to see.
Faye me dice... que has visto... cosas que no se suponen que vieras.Faye tells me... that you have seen... things that you weren't supposed to see.
La posición de las columnas en las que se escondía Armstrong y la situación de Minhas. Era imposible que lo vieras. Apareció en tu campo de visión corriendo hacia Armstrong corriendo hacia ti.The position of the columns, where Armstrong was hiding, where Minhas came from... you couldn't possibly have seen him... until he came into your field of vision, running at Armstrong running at you.
"Allí vierais subir tantas lanzas de guerra, tanto caballero quebrantarse en el campo de batalla.""You should have seen there arise so many spears of war,... "and so many horsemen were lying broken on the battlefield."
A la mañana siguiente cualquiera que pasara por la parada del autobus hubiera visto exactamente lo que Rosalind Stromming queria que vieran, a una pelirroja en un vestido verde, negro y blanco con motivos chevron.The following morning anyone passing the bus stop would have seen exactly what Rosalind Stromming wanted them to see, a redhead in a green, black and white chevron print dress.
Algo como que Donnie y Megan podrían haber visto... que alguien no quería que vieran.Something Donnie and Megan may have seen that somebody didn't want them to see.
El problema es que, verán, hubo un incendio en nuestro almacén, quizá lo vieran en los periódicos.Now, the problem is, you see, There was a fire at our storage depot you might have seen it in the papers.
El que mis hijas lo vieran... que supiesen por qué las hice pasar por esto.For my kids to have seen it, for them to know why I've put them through what I did.
Probablemente deberías saber que Evan es posible que me viese en la carretera anoche.You should probably know that Evan might have seen me on the road last night.
Puede que ella viese a Korvo hacer algo y lo está protegiendo.She may not be guilty of the actual murder. She may have seen Korvo do the thing and is trying to protect him.
Puede ser que viese a Eguchi...I might have seen Eguchi
bueno, puede que viese u oyese algo y que ni lo sepa algo de nuestros tiradores no. el coche no tenia no tenia placas y Eric no ha sido capaz de encontrar el vehiculo en ninguna camara de trafico o de la calleWell, she might have seen or heard something and not even know it. Any word on our gunmen? Car had no plates, and Eric wasn't able to find the vehicle on any street or traffic cams.
Cualquier cosa que vieses... incluso los detalles más pequeños son importantes.Anything you might have seen-- even the smallest details are important.
Tenía la esperanza de que viesen aviones enemigos aquí. Para que no se olviden de las formas de identificarlos.I had hoped that we would have seen rather more enemy aircraft round here, so you could have kept up with your aircraft recognition without using these models.
"'Estad firmes, y usted ved la salvación"'Stand firm, and you will see the deliverance
- ¡Venid y ved!- Come and see!
Acabad con el miedo y ved que le sigue.Snuff out fear and see what follows.
Ahora, mirad y ved lo que hace mi permeatónica.Now, watch and see what my permutonic can do for you.
! Dígales que estaba viendo a una dama.Tell them you were seeing a lady.
! - ¡Nunca había visto en mi vida a esa mujer!I've never seen that woman before in my life!
"'y, armado con un escalpelo del mismo material... "'viendo que el verdor del césped aun no había desaparecido... "'bajo toda la sangre derramada...and armed with a scalpel of the same kind, seeing that the green of the grass had not yet disappeared beneath all the blood which had been shed, he prepares, without planning, to dig his knife courageously into the unfortunate child.
"Como padre de una gran familia, déjeme expresar mi dolor" "viendo Tintín y Milú impreso en el nuevo 'Le Soir'.""As a father of a large family, let me express my sorrow" "at seeing Tintin and Snowy printed in the new 'Le Soir'."
! . ¡si he visto las fotos!-l've seen the pictures!
! Espera un momento, a lo mejor es simplemente... una marca que no habías visto nunca.Hang on a minute, maybe it's just a... you know, a label you've never seen before.
! Este no es mi bolso, ¡y nunca lo había visto!This is not my bag, and I've never seen that before!
! Ha sido la cosa más acojonante que he visto!That was the coolest thing I've ever seen!

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