Salir conjugation

Conjugate salir - to go out

Present tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
salgo I go out
sales you go out
sale he/she/it goes out
salimos we go out
salís you all go out
salen they go out

Past imperfect tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
salía I used to go out
salías you used to go out
salía he/she/it used to go out
salíamos we used to go out
salíais you all used to go out
salían they used to go out

Past preterite tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
salí I went out
saliste you went out
salió he/she/it went out
salimos we went out
salisteis you all went out
salieron they went out

Future tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
saldré I will go out
saldrás you will go out
saldrá he/she/it will go out
saldremos we will go out
saldréis you all will go out
saldrán they will go out

Conditional mood

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
saldría I would go out
saldrías you would go out
saldría he/she/it would go out
saldríamos we would go out
saldríais you all would go out
saldrían they would go out

Present perfect tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
he salido I have gone out
has salido you have gone out
ha salido he/she/it has gone out
hemos salido we have gone out
habéis salido you all have gone out
han salido they have gone out

Past perfect tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
había salido I had gone out
habías salido you had gone out
había salido he/she/it had gone out
habíamos salido we had gone out
habíais salido you all had gone out
habían salido they had gone out

Future perfect tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
habré salido I will have gone out
habrás salido you will have gone out
habrá salido he/she/it will have gone out
habremos salido we will have gone out
habréis salido you all will have gone out
habrán salido they will have gone out

Present subjunctive tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
salga (if/so that) I go out
salgas (if/so that) you go out
salga (if/so that) he/she/it go out
salgamos (if/so that) we go out
salgáis (if/so that) you all go out
salgan (if/so that) they go out

Present perfect subjunctive tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
haya salido I have gone out
hayas salido you have gone out
haya salido he/she/it has gone out
hayamos salido we have gone out
hayáis salido you all have gone out
hayan salido they have gone out

Past imperfect subjunctive tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
saliera (if/so that) I have gone out
salieras (if/so that) you have gone out
saliera (if/so that) he/she/it have gone out
saliéramos (if/so that) we have gone out
salierais (if/so that) you all have gone out
salieran (if/so that) they have gone out

Past imperfect subjunctive (second) tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
saliese (if/so that) I have gone out
salieses (if/so that) you have gone out
saliese (if/so that) he/she/it have gone out
saliésemos (if/so that) we have gone out
salieseis (if/so that) you all have gone out
saliesen (if/so that) they have gone out

Past perfect subjunctive tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
hubiera salido I had gone out
hubieras salido you had gone out
hubiera salido he/she/it had gone out
hubiéramos salido we had gone out
hubierais salido you all had gone out
hubieran salido they had gone out

Past perfect subjunctive (second) tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
hubiese salido I had gone out
hubieses salido you had gone out
hubiese salido he/she/it had gone out
hubiésemos salido we had gone out
hubieseis salido you all had gone out
hubiesen salido they had gone out

Future subjunctive tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
saliere (if/so that) I will have gone out
salieres (if/so that) you will have gone out
saliere (if/so that) he/she/it will have gone out
saliéremos (if/so that) we will have gone out
saliereis (if/so that) you all will have gone out
salieren (if/so that) they will have gone out

Future perfect subjunctive tense

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
hubiere salido I will have gone out
hubieres salido you will have gone out
hubiere salido he/she/it will have gone out
hubiéremos salido we will have gone out
hubiereis salido you all will have gone out
hubieren salido they will have gone out

Imperative mood

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
sal go out!
salga go out!
salgamos let's go out!
salid go out!
salgan go out!

Imperative negative mood

Spanish FormEnglish TranslationEx.
no salgas do not go out!
no salga let him/her/it go out!
no salgamos let us not go out!
no salgáis do not go out!
no salgan do not go out!

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Usage information for salir

This verb can also have the following meanings: to turn out, to rock, leave, rule, turn, rock, to look, to arise as a consequence, log, rise, to appear, to rise, appear, go, to result, to leave, result, to log out

Examples of salir

Example in SpanishTranslation in EnglishFm.
"Debo salir de la ciudad, debo volver el sábado."Have to go out of town, should be back by Saturday.
"Definitivamente quiero salir a terreno y hacerlo".I definitely want to go out into the field and do that."
"Demasiada lluvia para salir, demasiado frío para jugar.""Too wet to go out. Too cold to playball. "
"Hey, quiero salir contigo."Hey, I want to go out with you.
"Me gusta mucho tu foto ¿quieres salir conmigo?"Would you like to go out on a date with me, please?"
"Y yo salgo a ganarme el pan.''I go out daily to earn our daily bread.
"yo le pedí carne término medio. Si quisiera sangre, salgo, le pego a una vaca en la cabeza, prescindiendo de intermediarios.""If I wanted it bloody, I'd go out, knock a cow on the head, cut out the middleman."
(Valentín) La primera vez que salgo con una mina y lo arruino todo.The first time I go out with a girl and I make a mess of it.
*Pues a veces yo salgo sola*♪ Well, sometimes I go out by myself ♪
- salgo con la mamá de tu amiga?- ...if I go out with your friend's mom?
"Bike Night" es... una noche en algún lugar puede ser un restaurante, un bar, un café, un estacionamiento y por alguna razón los motociclistas se juntan ahí estacionas tu moto, hablas sobre motos, planeas viajes, quizás sales a dar una vuelta...[Bodden] Bike night is a night where there'll be a place, it might be a restaurant, might be a bar, might be a coffee shop, might be a parking lot, and for whatever reason, bikers meet there. You park your bike, you talk bikes with other people, you plan rides, maybe go out for a ride.
"Primero, está esa gente joven... que está parada en el lugar por el que sales.First, there's these young people... and they're standing at the place where you go out.
"Si no sales conmigo..." "...eres Deo gratias."'lf you don't go out with me' 'you are Deo Gratias...'
- Agarras este vestido... y primero lo escondes... y luego sales y le compras un vestido nuevo.- You take this dress... and first, you hide it away, and then you go out and buy her a whole new outfit.
- Cuando sales por ahí y cometes crímenes en mi nombre, no me ayudas exactamente.When you go out there and you commit crimes in my name, it doesn't exactly help me.
"Luego no nos gusta, ya sabes, el tipo que sale con la chica.""Then we don't like him, you know, the guy... "who goes out with the girl.
"Maggie, la chica que sale con el tipo del zapato grande" está bien."Maggie, the girl who goes out with the fellow with the big shoe," that's fine.
"Mi padre sale de casa, mira a ambos lados"..será...My father goes out, looks at who's on the street.. Foo..
"También sale con mis viejos vestidos.""She goes out in my old dresses, too."
# Cuando la mosca sale a pasear (bis) # viene la araña y la quiere atrapar (bis).# When the fly goes out to walk (encore) # comes the spider and wants to catch it (encore).
"Cuando salimos a pasear, la gente grita# Whenever we go out The people always shout
"No salimos cuando llueve"."We don't go out when it rains."
'"No salimos de la ciudad ahora. '""We don't go out of town right now."
- ...y salimos en otro momento?- and we can go out some other time...
- Así que salimos y después de nuevo aquí?You mean, we're going to go out and then we come back again?
" Las jóvenes salen al mundo Y tienen que venir a verme"Young girls go out in the world And they got to come see me
"A las tres en la mañana estos héroes alemanes salen" "Con una banda militar y ametralladoras y bayonetas caladas" "a perseguir a mujeres y niños para llevárselos"At 3am, these German heroes go out with a military band, machine guns and bayonets fixed, to hunt down women and children to take them away.
"Basho y sus amigos salen a ver la luna"Basho and his friends go out to view the moon
"Los gusanos entran los gusanos salen los gusanos juegan pocker sobre tu hocico""The worms go in "the worms go out "the worms play pinochle on your snout."
"¿Qué ocurre entre tú y yo?" "Los chicos se juntan y salen, las chicas se juntan y hablan.""Boys get together and go out Girls get together and chat"
"Le tomé la mano y salimos del lugar en ruinas y el rocío de la mañana se había ido hace tiempo cuando salí de la herrería el rocío de la mañana se iba ahora."I took her hand in mine, and we went out of the ruined place, and as the morning mists had risen long ago when I first left the forge, so the evening mists were rising now.
"Mejor me voy", y salí por detrás.I says, "I better leave." I went out the back end.
"Querido, A Bit of Fry Laurie estaba en la escuela con un chico llamado Donald Duck y luego salí con una mujer llamada Soilia Piffin suyo, Peter Cummin-Myear.""Dear A Bit of Fry Laurie, I was at school with a boy called Donald Duck "and later went out with a woman named Soilia Piffin. "Yours, Peter Cummin-Myear."
' He salido contigo porque pensé que eras diferente de los criminales con que salí antes.Look, I went out with you because I thought you were different from all the other goons I've dated.
- Bueno, estuve pensando de lo que hablamos la otra noche, ya saben, acerca de que no estoy haciendo ningún arreglo para mi muerte, así que salí y compré un espacio para mi tumba.Well, I got thinking about what we were talking the other night, you know, about me not having made any arrangements for myself, and so I just went out, and I bought myself a burial plot.
"¿El estúpido con quien saliste en preparatoria?""The schmuck you went out with in high school?
- Dijiste que saliste fuera.- You said you went outside.
- La última vez que saliste con este perdedor estuviste fuera por tres días.- The last time you went out with this loser, you were gone for three days.
- Llamé y tu mamá me dijo que saliste.- Your mom said you went out.
- No lo creo, saliste con una embarazada...You went out and pulled a pregnant woman?
" ¿Te acuerdas cuando salió a la calle desnuda?""Remember, once she went out in the street, she had nothing on... and she was selling lottery tickets?"
"Así que bajó sigilosamente las escaleras, y abrió la puerta despacio... y salió al jardín.So he crept downstairs and opened the front door quite softly and went out into the garden.
"Ayer mi hermana salió y la han secuestrado"."Yesterday my sister went out and she was kidnapped".
"Clasificado" salió por la ventana hace dos días.Classified went out the window two days ago.
"El Soldado G.F. Davies salió seis veces,"Private G.F. Davies went out on six different occasions
*Si seis de vosotros salisteis*♪ If six of ya'll went out, uh ♪
- Supongo que salisteis.- I guess you went out.
Bien, esperad, ¿las dos salisteis con el novio de vuestra amiga a sus espaldas?Okay, wait, you both went out with your friend's boyfriend behind her back?
Dice que salisteis y que estuvisteis muy muy bien.She said you went out together and got on really really well.
Dice que sois unos miedosos y por eso salisteis de los negocios.He says you went out of business because you're full of crap. Song.
"Dos mariposas salieron al mediodía"Two butterflies... went out at noon..."
"En lo que será una de las mejores participaciones en la historia del fútbol de los Tigres de Manassas, los Tigres salieron al este y arruinaron el partido de regreso de St. Benedict."In what will go down as one of the best performances in the history of Manassas Tiger football, the Tigers went out east and wrecked the homecoming for St. Benedict.
"los hermanos salieron..."the brothers went out...
* cuando las luces sobre todos los Árboles de Navidad * * salieron * * pero yo sido quemado * * mi campana, libro, y vela * * y los juegos de restauración * * han ido todos alrededor ** when the lights on all the Christmas trees * * went out * * but I been burnin' * * my bell, book, and candle * * and the restoration plays * * have all gone 'round *
- Así que, chicos, ¿realmente salieron?- So you guys really went out?
"Hoy saldré y tendré un aventura"."Today, I will go out and have an affair."
"Sí, saldré contigo"."Yes, I will go out with you,"
- Sí, yo saldré primero.- Yes, I will go out first.
Así que sí, saldré con tu amiga. Sí.So yes, I will go out with your friend.
Luego dijo tras las rejas, "¡Me encierran como un cachorro", pero saldré como un león rugiendo y haré que todo el infierno aúlle!"."You put me in here a cub," she said from behind bars, "but I will go out a roaring lion, and I will make all hell howl!"
Ahora cuando salga de las puertas, vamos a caminar hacia el norte de la sexta avenida ... y saldrás en grupos de 50.Now when you exit the doors, we will walk north of 6th Avenue... and you will go out in groups of 50.
Seguiras normal por un tiempo, pero pronto solamente saldrás a la noche.You will remain normal for a while, but soon you will go out only at night.
Si quieres a Hammer, sí que saldrás con un gran golpe.Borrow Hammer, you will go out with a bang.
- ¿Qué más saldrá de tu boca?- What else will go out of your mouth?
... y cuando los 1000 años hayan terminado, Satanás será liberado y saldrá de la oscuridad para seducir a la gente que se encuentra en las cuatro esquinas de la tierra......and when the thousand years are finished, Satan shall be released and he will go out of the darkness to seduce the people that are in the four corners of the land...
Cada respuesta que des... saldrá en la primera página de los periódicos.Every single response you give, will go out as the headlines of papers.
Cada uno de ustedes saldrá Y tratar de ganar un miserable, hediondo dólar.. .. Sólo para que vean como es.Each one of you will go out and try to earn one lousy, stinking dollar just to see what it's like.
Con esta lluvia, el hombre del carrito no saldrá. ¿El hombre del carrito?I doubt if even the rickshaw-man will go out in such weather
Chewbacca y yo saldremos a inspeccionar el sitio del impacto.Chewbacca and I will go out to inspect the crash site.
Come un poco, ¿sí? Y después tú y yo saldremos a dar un paseo.Get some scran down you... and then you and me will go out for a few.
Cuando regrese, los tres saldremos a cenar.When I come back, the three of us will go out to dinner.
Hogan y yo saldremos afuera.Hogan and I will go outside.
Mac y yo saldremos.Mac and I will go out.
Vosotros, los fumadores, saldréis de aquí con las manos temblando.You smokers will go out of here with your hands ringing.
Ahora saldrán, llamarán a más gente...Now they will go out! They will call other people too!
Al final, estas chicas saldrán, y me conseguirán chicos como tú.Eventually, these girls will go out, and they'll fetch me boys like you.
Bien, si ellos saldrán a la noche--Well, if they will go out of an evening...
Cuando llegue el momento, la propia explosión abrirá la puerta y mis niños saldrán a heredar la tierra.When that time comes, the thing itself will open up the door and my children will go out to inherit the earth.
Habrá días enteros en que no venderán ni un grano pero saldrán el día siguiente, darán la campanada.There will be whole days when you won't sell a bean but you will go out the very next day and hit the jackpot.
- No es que tenga esos pensamientos, ¿por qué no? , sólo digo que ella es atractiva y saldría con ella.- Not that I have those thoughts, because I don't, I'm just saying she's attractive and I would go out with her.
- ¿Crees que Danny saldría conmigo?- Think Danny would go out with me?
- ¿Pensaste que alguien saldría contigo por placer?You thought someone would go out with you for pleasure?
Bueno, Rhonda, ¿tú crees que Dottie saldría conmigo?Well, Rhonda, do you think Dottie would go out with me?
Bueno, si crees que sirva de algo, yo saldría con Patti mientras Dev no esté.Well, if you think it'll help, I would go out with Patti while Dev's gone.
Le dije que saldrías con él otra vez.- Wait. what? 'Cause I told him you would go out with him again.
Trabajaste con él, Pero nunca lo viste como el tipo de hombre con el que saldrías.You worked with him, but you never saw him As the kind of guy you would go out with.
Así que todos decidimos que, como no habíamos visto el sol en tres meses, saldríamos y nos haríamos matar.So we all decided that, since we hadn't seen the sun in three months we would go outside and get killed.
Entonces saldríamos y ayunaríamos un poquito y nos prepararíamos y luego tendríamos una experiencia y veríamos qué sucedía.(David) So we would go out and fast a little bit and prepare and then have this experience and see what happened.
Estabas empeñada de verdad en elegir dónde saldríamos a cenar.You were being really bratty about where we would go out to dinner.
Pensé que saldría a tocar otros temas en solitario y luego saldríamos nosotros a tocar estas tres canciones.I thought he would go out and play some other stuff by himself and then... we'd come out and play these three songs.
Yo estoy en ti pero me prometiste unos diez zillones de veces que saldríamos esta noche.I am into you, but you promised me for like the ten-zillionth time we would go out tonight.
Me imaginé que si... Si os contaba que hizo algo malo como asesinar a alguien, saldríais a buscarla como si fuese alguien importante.I just figured if... if I told you that she did something bad like murdered, you would go out and look for her like she was important.
Las invitaciones saldrían el 15 de junio.- Well, the invitation would go out June 15th.
Me avergüenza decir esto pero no saldrían contigo.I'm ashamed to say this but none of my friends would go out with you.
Se prometieron que si alguna vez se separaban, saldrían fuera en las noches de luna llena y mirarían al cielo...They made a vow that if ever they were apart, they would go outside at night when the moon was full and look up into the sky...
¿Crees que dos padres normales... saldrían a las 3:00 de la mañana... por un sundae sorpresa de banana con doble chocolate?Say, do you think two normal parents... would go out at 3:00 in the morning... for a double-dipped banana fudge sundae surprise?
"Autoridad fascista", "escoria" hasta que quieren que alguien salga y mate por ellos."Fascist authority", "scum"-- until they want someone to go out and get killed for them.
"Chandu, salga... vamos""Chandu, go out... go on"
"Cuando salga a buscar una máquina de hielo, me tengo que poner pantalones".When I go out looking for an ice machine, I should put on pants.
"Porque estas tan empeñado en que salga contigo?""Why are you so hell-bent on getting me to go out with you?"
"solo me he despertado en un cuarto..." Cuál número me va a parecer como uno aleatorio cuando salga y lo vea."huh, I have woken up in only one room" whose number is gonna seem like a random number to me when I go out and look at it.
! No salgas!Don't go out there!
"Castigo" significa no salgas."Grounded" means you don't go out.
"Está sin blanca, no salgas con él"You supposed to say, "He broke, don't go out with him."
"No salgas de la raya y el murciélago.'Don't go out of the crease and bat.
"No salgas esta noche, le dije. Hace frío."Don't go out tonight," I told him.
"Bueno, salgamos entonces.""Well, all right, let's go out then."
"La única manera es que salgamos los dos a la vez.""The only way is, we both go out together."
"Quieren que nos reunamos, escondiendose de todos Quierer que salgamos, escondiendose de todos""They want to meet up, hiding from all They want to go out, hiding from all"
"Quieren que nos reunamos, escondiendose de todos quieren que salgamos, escondiendose de todos""They want to meet up, hiding from all They want to go out, hiding from all"
"salgamos el viernes.""let's go out Friday."
Así que quiero que salgáis y tengáis el verano y la infancia que yo nunca tuve.So, I want you to go out and have the summer and the childhood that I never had.
Así que quiero que tengáis cuidado cuando salgáis de noche a divertiros.I want all you people to be careful when you go out for a little spooning at night.
Bajo el riesgo de repetirme, no salgáis por favor.At the risk of repeating myself, please don't go out.
Cuando salgáis a la calle, la nación os va a hacer pedazos en su adoración.Now when you go outside, the nation will rip you apart in their adoration.
Cuando salgáis vamos los tres, ¿eh?When the three of us go out, huh?
"Rogamos a los ciudadanos que... no salgan solos de casa por la noche. " - ¡Genial!Under those circumstances we recommend all citizens not to go out alone at night... Oh, great...
"Úsenlo para los dolores de estómago y de cabeza, cuando monten en tren o en barco, cuando salgan a beber o fumar, o cuando toquen a los demás.Use it for stomach pains and headaches, or when you ride a train or a boat, when you go out for a drink, drink sake or smoke, or for when you touch others.
# Levántense, salgan y vuelen #Get up, go out, and fly
- Chicas, salgan.- Girls, go out.
- Entonces les debo pedir que salgan, ¿está bien?So I must ask you to go outside, all right?
"Solo sal ahi y has lo ke sueles haser."Just go out there and do what you usually do. "
# Acepta sus apestosos besos, y luego sal a jugar. #Accept her stinky kisses And then go out and play
- Ahora sal y pásalo bien. - Pero...-Now go out and have a great time.
- Bueno, quiero decir, sal un poco, toma aire.- Well, I just mean go out, get some air.
- Bueno, sal y entretenlo.- All right, go outside and stall him.
Ahora por favor, salid y haced la ronda por la ciudad.Now please go out and make the round in town.
Ahora salid ahí fuera y preparad a las tropas para defender el portal espiritual. ¿De quién?Now go outside and get the troops ready to defend the spirit portal.
Ahora salid ahí y enseñádselo a alguien más.Now let's go out there and show everybody else.
Así que salid ahí afuera.So go out there.
Así que salid allí y disfrutadlo.So go out there and enjoy it.
"He salido con algunas ratas, si te refieres a eso."I've gone out with some rats, if that's what you mean.
# No tenías que haber salido...# You shouldn't have gone out...
- Ahora ¿quién no salido todavía?Now who hasn't gone out yet?
- Anna ha salido.- Anna's gone out.
- Castro ha salido de su mente.- Castro's gone out of his mind.
! Ja'mie, ¿en serio creías que estabais saliendo oficialmente?Ja'mie, did you really think that you were officially going out?
"Déjalo al lado de la tele." Es como si ya estuviéramos saliendo juntos.Leave it by the TV. It's like we're already going out.
"Querida Artemisa, he estado saliendo con la chica más maravillosa por alrededor de... seis meses ahora, al cine, a bailar y a dar paseos.'Dear Artemis, I've been going out with the most wonderful girl for nearly... six months now, to the pictures and dancing and on walks.
# Sobre el río, saliendo del pueblo# Over the river going out of town... #
$100.000 saliendo.$100,000 going out.
- Mira. - ¿Qué diablos es eso? Si salís esta noche, Vinny, ¿le harás que se lo ponga por mí?If you go out tonight, Vinny, make her wear it.
- No salís ni nada.- You don't go out or anything.
Cada vez que Ana y tú salís a hacer un trabajo, te confío la vida de mi hija.Every time you and Ana go out on a job, I'm trusting you with my daughter's life.
Chicos, ¿por qué vosotros dos no salís a cenar y compartís batallitas?Why don't you two kids go out for a nice dinner and share war stories?
Cuando salís a cenar.When you go out to dinner.

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