Want conjugation

Conjugate want

Present and Past

Simple I want you want it/she/he wants we want you all want they wantI wanted you wanted it/she/he wanted we wanted you all wanted they wanted
ProgressiveI am wanting you are wanting it/she/he is wanting we are wanting you all are wanting they are wantingI was wanting you were wanting it/she/he was wanting we were wanting you all were wanting they were wanting
PerfectI have wanted you have wanted it/she/he has wanted we have wanted you all have wanted they have wantedI had wanted you had wanted it/she/he had wanted we had wanted you all had wanted they had wanted
Perfect ProgressiveI have been wanting you have been wanting it/she/he has been wanting we have been wanting you have been wanting they have been wantingI had been wanting you had been wanting it/she/he had been wanting we had been wanting you had been wanting they had been wanting

Future and conditional

SimpleI will want you will want it/she/he will want we will want you all will want they will wantI would want you would want it/she/he would want we would want you all would want they would want
ProgressiveI will be wanting you will be wanting it/she/he will be wanting we will be wanting you all will be wanting they will be wantingI would be wanting you would be wanting it/she/he would be wanting we would be wanting you all would be wanting they would be wanting
PerfectI will have wanted you will have wanted it/she/he will have wanted we will have wanted you all will have wanted they will have wantedI would have wanted you would have wanted it/she/he would have wanted we would have wanted you all would have wanted they would have wanted
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been wanting you will have been wanting it/she/he will have been wanting we will have been wanting you will have been wanting they will have been wantingI would have been wanting you would have been wanting it/she/he would have been wanting we would have been wanting you would have been wanting they would have been wanting

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Usage information for want

This verb can also mean the following: be, chapter 2, wish, desire, chapter 7, wish for, lack, be lacking, be needy, do, be in need of, require

Examples of want

Example in English
! - I didn't want to get angry! - Oh, snap!
! - I want more.
! - They want to kill you!
! - Your dress is here, you don't want her to miss it, why not?
! All I'm saying is, if you're gonna tell your story, tell the real story-- that's what Jenna would want.
! - 'Cause I wanted to show Hayley how much I liked her.
! - Is that what you wanted? !
! - Okay, look, I know I can't stop this, and I accept that, but I just wanted to stop it long enough so that I could say good-bye.
! - l wanted us to be together.
! At soccer camp, I told you I wanted to be more than friends.
! l didn't want you to feel bad about me not wanting to touch you!
"Don't I get any credit for talking "and wanting to go to a ballet?
"Health spas" on the upper floors for people wanting to get their rocks off.
"I always remember wanting to travel. "
"Leaving your country with violence without wanting or thinking about it is a torment which no one can feel unless they experienced it themselves".
! All she wants to do is type It's making me want a little bite !
! He wants to move over here?
! It's always gonna be what Nolan Ross wants.
! Who wants to drink with the brotherhood, huh?
" He wants to be able to say, "We can show you what it is you might want to become.

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