Stand conjugation

Conjugate stand

Present and Past

Simple I stand you stand it/she/he stands we stand you all stand they standI stood you stood it/she/he stood we stood you all stood they stood
ProgressiveI am standing you are standing it/she/he is standing we are standing you all are standing they are standingI was standing you were standing it/she/he was standing we were standing you all were standing they were standing
PerfectI have stood you have stood it/she/he has stood we have stood you all have stood they have stoodI had stood you had stood it/she/he had stood we had stood you all had stood they had stood
Perfect ProgressiveI have been standing you have been standing it/she/he has been standing we have been standing you have been standing they have been standingI had been standing you had been standing it/she/he had been standing we had been standing you had been standing they had been standing

Future and conditional

SimpleI will stand you will stand it/she/he will stand we will stand you all will stand they will standI would stand you would stand it/she/he would stand we would stand you all would stand they would stand
ProgressiveI will be standing you will be standing it/she/he will be standing we will be standing you all will be standing they will be standingI would be standing you would be standing it/she/he would be standing we would be standing you all would be standing they would be standing
PerfectI will have stood you will have stood it/she/he will have stood we will have stood you all will have stood they will have stoodI would have stood you would have stood it/she/he would have stood we would have stood you all would have stood they would have stood
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been standing you will have been standing it/she/he will have been standing we will have been standing you will have been standing they will have been standingI would have been standing you would have been standing it/she/he would have been standing we would have been standing you would have been standing they would have been standing

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Usage information for stand

This verb can also mean the following: tolerate, be fixed, be, be valid, be acquitted, rise, lord byron, appear, stop, place, be in some particular state, be positioned mentally, stop asking for more cards, position, in kupperman 1988, be consistent, appear in court, occupy, be positioned to gain, remain without ruin, hold a place, be situated, be in a particular relation, accord, agree, permanent attitude, remain, maintain an invincible, seek election, injury, order, place in an upright, act as an umpire, be safe, take a position in resistance, be placed in an upright, lose, measure, oppose, sir, maintain a position, measure when erect on the feet, be positioned socially, true travels, seek, sail, undergo, support on the feet in an erect position, have, consist, do, support, cover the expense of, in competition, chapter iii, sir walter scott, have essence, yield, firm, steady, be positioned physically, keep hand as it has been dealt so far, rank, rise to feet, steer, cover, maintain, maintain ground, remain motionless, act, pay for, hold up, lord

Examples of stand

Example in English
! - Shut up and stand still.
! I stand to make a fortune today!
! What the plan B stand for?
! still stand tall...
" Can stand the sound of Grampa "
! Omatsu! What're you just standing there for?
"... you were like a martyr amongst the heathens standing there, Edele!"
"...and that the building of socialism is possible for countries standing alone..."
" one of genuine standing.
"All you can do is meet him standing up with honor," he used to say.
" But the one who stands here now is Buddha, not Siddharth"
"...and to the Republic for which it stands...
"...jocund day stands tiptoe on the misty mountain tops."
"Across from him stands a naked and fleshy maiden,
"And O stands for the orchestra."
" have stood and sweated, hot and cold.
"'But surely, my dear sir,' said little Perker... "as he stood in Mr. Pickwick's apartment... "on the morning after the trial.
"'lt could be tonight,' he thought... "as he stood in the corner, pretending to have a good time.
"... Hollow Militia stood in wait for the redcoats."
"...stood alone on the victorious field, _BAR_his buckler bent..."

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