Seem conjugation

Conjugate seem

Present and Past

Simple I seem you seem it/she/he seems we seem you all seem they seemI seemed you seemed it/she/he seemed we seemed you all seemed they seemed
ProgressiveI am seeming you are seeming it/she/he is seeming we are seeming you all are seeming they are seemingI was seeming you were seeming it/she/he was seeming we were seeming you all were seeming they were seeming
PerfectI have seemed you have seemed it/she/he has seemed we have seemed you all have seemed they have seemedI had seemed you had seemed it/she/he had seemed we had seemed you all had seemed they had seemed
Perfect ProgressiveI have been seeming you have been seeming it/she/he has been seeming we have been seeming you have been seeming they have been seemingI had been seeming you had been seeming it/she/he had been seeming we had been seeming you had been seeming they had been seeming

Future and conditional

SimpleI will seem you will seem it/she/he will seem we will seem you all will seem they will seemI would seem you would seem it/she/he would seem we would seem you all would seem they would seem
ProgressiveI will be seeming you will be seeming it/she/he will be seeming we will be seeming you all will be seeming they will be seemingI would be seeming you would be seeming it/she/he would be seeming we would be seeming you all would be seeming they would be seeming
PerfectI will have seemed you will have seemed it/she/he will have seemed we will have seemed you all will have seemed they will have seemedI would have seemed you would have seemed it/she/he would have seemed we would have seemed you all would have seemed they would have seemed
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been seeming you will have been seeming it/she/he will have been seeming we will have been seeming you will have been seeming they will have been seemingI would have been seeming you would have been seeming it/she/he would have been seeming we would have been seeming you would have been seeming they would have been seeming

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Usage information for seem

This verb can also mean the following: be perceived as, appear, befit, look outwardly

Examples of seem

Example in English
! Or does it just seem like I'm weird?
! They seem desperate...
! Uhhhh no. But you seem like a dear thing so good luck to you.
! Well, if you don't seem panicked, how can I act scared?
" Everybody else is a robot, a machine. Some persons like you, while others seem to hate you.
! We meant to, it just never seemed like the right time.
" Well, to be honest, lana, lately, you've seemed a little distant.
" lt had always seemed like a silent dream to her.
"... it suddenly seemed to become much colder..."
"...seemed to increase...
"A friendly conversation removes seeming hindrances"... in bed.
"And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon's that is dreaming
"And when the count, during a happy hour, asked his wife why, despite seeming capable of withstanding all depravity, she had fled from him as if he were the devil, she replied, throwing her arms around his neck,
"Hark! 'Its an elfin-storm from faery land," of haggard seeming, but a boon indeed.
"No, uncle. It is seeming better today."
! -Yes, it seems like a dream to me, too.
! Hey! What seems to be the problem here, gentlemen?
! It seems that "Striping evil" was selected for the grand prize in this year's Buzzwords of the Year contest.
! It seems we're being held hostage, Commander.
! She seems nice.

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