Keep conjugation

Conjugate keep

Present and Past

Simple I keep you keep it/she/he keeps we keep you all keep they keepI kept you kept it/she/he kept we kept you all kept they kept
ProgressiveI am keeping you are keeping it/she/he is keeping we are keeping you all are keeping they are keepingI was keeping you were keeping it/she/he was keeping we were keeping you all were keeping they were keeping
PerfectI have kept you have kept it/she/he has kept we have kept you all have kept they have keptI had kept you had kept it/she/he had kept we had kept you all had kept they had kept
Perfect ProgressiveI have been keeping you have been keeping it/she/he has been keeping we have been keeping you have been keeping they have been keepingI had been keeping you had been keeping it/she/he had been keeping we had been keeping you had been keeping they had been keeping

Future and conditional

SimpleI will keep you will keep it/she/he will keep we will keep you all will keep they will keepI would keep you would keep it/she/he would keep we would keep you all would keep they would keep
ProgressiveI will be keeping you will be keeping it/she/he will be keeping we will be keeping you all will be keeping they will be keepingI would be keeping you would be keeping it/she/he would be keeping we would be keeping you all would be keeping they would be keeping
PerfectI will have kept you will have kept it/she/he will have kept we will have kept you all will have kept they will have keptI would have kept you would have kept it/she/he would have kept we would have kept you all would have kept they would have kept
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been keeping you will have been keeping it/she/he will have been keeping we will have been keeping you will have been keeping they will have been keepingI would have been keeping you would have been keeping it/she/he would have been keeping we would have been keeping you would have been keeping they would have been keeping

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Usage information for keep

This verb can also mean the following: be, take, enter, be solicitous, remain in a state, remain edible, continue, dwell, confine, guard, be held in a state, maintain possession of, book viii, look after, record, watch over, protect, violate, continue in, reside for a time, adhere to, visit, be confined to, watch, maintain the condition of, remain, remain in, hold, chapter x, walter besant, sir, restrain, supply with necessities and financially support a person, lodge, record transactions, sir thomas malory, take care, have, take place, do, be in session, wait, chapter iii, in le morte darthur, reside, care for, have habitually in stock for sale, confine to, fulfill, raise, maintain, sir john hayward, observe, act, supply, wait for

Examples of keep

We currently do not have examples of the verb keep or any of its forms.

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