Hear conjugation

Conjugate hear

Present and Past

Simple I hear you hear it/she/he hears we hear you all hear they hearI heard you heard it/she/he heard we heard you all heard they heard
ProgressiveI am hearing you are hearing it/she/he is hearing we are hearing you all are hearing they are hearingI was hearing you were hearing it/she/he was hearing we were hearing you all were hearing they were hearing
PerfectI have heard you have heard it/she/he has heard we have heard you all have heard they have heardI had heard you had heard it/she/he had heard we had heard you all had heard they had heard
Perfect ProgressiveI have been hearing you have been hearing it/she/he has been hearing we have been hearing you have been hearing they have been hearingI had been hearing you had been hearing it/she/he had been hearing we had been hearing you had been hearing they had been hearing

Future and conditional

SimpleI will hear you will hear it/she/he will hear we will hear you all will hear they will hearI would hear you would hear it/she/he would hear we would hear you all would hear they would hear
ProgressiveI will be hearing you will be hearing it/she/he will be hearing we will be hearing you all will be hearing they will be hearingI would be hearing you would be hearing it/she/he would be hearing we would be hearing you all would be hearing they would be hearing
PerfectI will have heard you will have heard it/she/he will have heard we will have heard you all will have heard they will have heardI would have heard you would have heard it/she/he would have heard we would have heard you all would have heard they would have heard
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been hearing you will have been hearing it/she/he will have been hearing we will have been hearing you will have been hearing they will have been hearingI would have been hearing you would have been hearing it/she/he would have been hearing we would have been hearing you would have been hearing they would have been hearing

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Usage information for hear

This verb can also mean the following: sympathize with, sympathize, opinion of, come to learn of, exercise, paradise lost, share the feeling, grant, listen favourably to, listen, listen to, perceive sounds through the ear, exercise this faculty intentionally, perceive, receive

Examples of hear

Example in English
! - James, can you hear me? - ( static hissing )
! - You can probably hear them in the water.
! - You let the whole block hear you. - What's the matter with you?
! All of a sudden I can't hear the sound of the cars...
! Can somebody hear me? !
! - I thought I heard her throwing up!
! - Sutton: You heard me.
! - You heard me!
! - You heard me.
! - You heard.
! 'But I wasn't really hearing, the word "No".'
! I can't stop hearing him laughing, like he's laughing at me life.
" Cadet's right to a first hearing." Did John telephone?
" Clearly this discussion is over. you'll be hearing from us.
""It was good hearing from you.
"--who hears the clock stríkíng 12 and, once roused, asks hímself.
"A man like yourself, who travels everywhere and hears everything, do you know why God keeps the gates of the sea barred for so long...?
"And all is well outside his cell "But in his heart he hears
"Anyone who hears will say..."
"But", you say, "supposing no one hears the bell"?

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