Give conjugation

Conjugate give

Present and Past

Simple I give you give it/she/he gives we give you all give they giveI gave you gave it/she/he gave we gave you all gave they gave
ProgressiveI am giving you are giving it/she/he is giving we are giving you all are giving they are givingI was giving you were giving it/she/he was giving we were giving you all were giving they were giving
PerfectI have given you have given it/she/he has given we have given you all have given they have givenI had given you had given it/she/he had given we had given you all had given they had given
Perfect ProgressiveI have been giving you have been giving it/she/he has been giving we have been giving you have been giving they have been givingI had been giving you had been giving it/she/he had been giving we had been giving you had been giving they had been giving

Future and conditional

SimpleI will give you will give it/she/he will give we will give you all will give they will giveI would give you would give it/she/he would give we would give you all would give they would give
ProgressiveI will be giving you will be giving it/she/he will be giving we will be giving you all will be giving they will be givingI would be giving you would be giving it/she/he would be giving we would be giving you all would be giving they would be giving
PerfectI will have given you will have given it/she/he will have given we will have given you all will have given they will have givenI would have given you would have given it/she/he would have given we would have given you all would have given they would have given
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been giving you will have been giving it/she/he will have been giving we will have been giving you will have been giving they will have been givingI would have been giving you would have been giving it/she/he would have been giving we would have been giving you would have been giving they would have been giving

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Usage information for give

This verb can also mean the following: become, be, announce, exhibit, exist in, attribute, result, produce, be going on, exist, provide a view of, move, grant power, shift, page 153, become soft, transmit, cause, shed tears, pledge, make a present, have a misgiving, adjudge, collapse under pressure, make, shed, devote, apply, force, predict, in, communicate, grant, do, have, collapse, concrete to someone, weep, page 248, allow, yield slightly when a force is applied, assign, provide something abstract, be occurring, gift of, provide, exhibit as a product, estimate, yield, lead

Examples of give

We currently do not have examples of the verb give or any of its forms.

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