Believe conjugation

Conjugate believe

Present and Past

Simple I believe you believe it/she/he believes we believe you all believe they believeI believed you believed it/she/he believed we believed you all believed they believed
ProgressiveI am believing you are believing it/she/he is believing we are believing you all are believing they are believingI was believing you were believing it/she/he was believing we were believing you all were believing they were believing
PerfectI have believed you have believed it/she/he has believed we have believed you all have believed they have believedI had believed you had believed it/she/he had believed we had believed you all had believed they had believed
Perfect ProgressiveI have been believing you have been believing it/she/he has been believing we have been believing you have been believing they have been believingI had been believing you had been believing it/she/he had been believing we had been believing you had been believing they had been believing

Future and conditional

SimpleI will believe you will believe it/she/he will believe we will believe you all will believe they will believeI would believe you would believe it/she/he would believe we would believe you all would believe they would believe
ProgressiveI will be believing you will be believing it/she/he will be believing we will be believing you all will be believing they will be believingI would be believing you would be believing it/she/he would be believing we would be believing you all would be believing they would be believing
PerfectI will have believed you will have believed it/she/he will have believed we will have believed you all will have believed they will have believedI would have believed you would have believed it/she/he would have believed we would have believed you all would have believed they would have believed
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been believing you will have been believing it/she/he will have been believing we will have been believing you will have been believing they will have been believingI would have been believing you would have been believing it/she/he would have been believing we would have been believing you would have been believing they would have been believing

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Usage information for believe

This verb can also mean the following: have religious faith, accept, have, do, accept as true, accept that someone is telling the truth

Examples of believe

Example in English
! - I don't believe it. Come on!
! - Pam: I believe there was some
! - Yeah... - Do you believe her?
! - Yes we believe! Yes, yes!
! - it's that hard to believe We're a couple?
! Or was it just that she still believed in the things that you used to believe in?
" I believed that you had you good heart, that you loved me. "
" Since the defeated enemy soldiers are believed to be in plain clothes,
" The flight was going to the Nigerian capital of Abuja and was believed to be carrying some senior Nigerian officials."
"...believed in them, loved them."
"..who never gives up on what she believes in.. "..and she never gives up on me.
"A deep man, " he says, "believes that the evil eye can wither that the heart's blessing can heal and that love can overcome all odds. "
"A girl deriving from an urban city "who believes she is all that but is, in fact, not.
"And Stella believes the evil of the Marabar has been wiped out, and so do I."
"And whoever lives and believes in me shall never die."
! There are times when I still have trouble believing it myself.
! We know Laygass brainwashed innocent children to grow up believing they were Holy warriors.
! What is this current obsession with putting "I" in front of things and believing that makes them special?
" Faith is believing in something when common sense tells you not to."
" Fine, but was all the fuss necessary, couldn't you just stop believing?"

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