Become conjugation

Conjugate become

Present and Past

Simple I become you become it/she/he becomes we become you all become they becomeI became you became it/she/he became we became you all became they became
ProgressiveI am becoming you are becoming it/she/he is becoming we are becoming you all are becoming they are becomingI was becoming you were becoming it/she/he was becoming we were becoming you all were becoming they were becoming
PerfectI have become you have become it/she/he has become we have become you all have become they have becomeI had become you had become it/she/he had become we had become you all had become they had become
Perfect ProgressiveI have been becoming you have been becoming it/she/he has been becoming we have been becoming you have been becoming they have been becomingI had been becoming you had been becoming it/she/he had been becoming we had been becoming you had been becoming they had been becoming

Future and conditional

SimpleI will become you will become it/she/he will become we will become you all will become they will becomeI would become you would become it/she/he would become we would become you all would become they would become
ProgressiveI will be becoming you will be becoming it/she/he will be becoming we will be becoming you all will be becoming they will be becomingI would be becoming you would be becoming it/she/he would be becoming we would be becoming you all would be becoming they would be becoming
PerfectI will have become you will have become it/she/he will have become we will have become you all will have become they will have becomeI would have become you would have become it/she/he would have become we would have become you all would have become they would have become
Perfect ProgressiveI will have been becoming you will have been becoming it/she/he will have been becoming we will have been becoming you will have been becoming they will have been becomingI would have been becoming you would have been becoming it/she/he would have been becoming we would have been becoming you would have been becoming they would have been becoming

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Usage information for become

This verb can also mean the following: folio society, be, sir thomas malory, chapter ii, duff cooper, turn into, come, arise, book xviii, begin to be, befit, be proper for, do, come into being, in le morte darthur, come about, arrive, happen

Examples of become

Example in English
! He's like a fish that became a man.
! I became an attorney only because I was so moved by what you guys did for me!
! We became religious, we don't behave that way.
" ""became minced flesh, the eye hanging out of its socket..."
" I didn't even like him when he became my brother-in-law.
! - Even a spoon can become a weapon.
! And I do not want to become a riff at the end of Almtafp
! Give me a break! Why would I become a robber if I want to work seriously?
! How did a person like you, as stupid as you are, become an aviator?
! I know l'll become a master violin maker !
! Just tell me her life won't be at risk if it becomes known she's a witness.
" ""Since you cannot, it becomes our task."
" Oh, how long becomes the night"
" She becomes the third member of Our jury.
"--life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed that whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it."
"'thereby becoming the first private citizen...
"... are becoming more and more aggressive."
"...or fast on your way to becoming one or the other."
"According to my brother. Billy. who's in college... becoming a man means you're ready to take on certain responsibilities.
"After becoming lost in a thick cloud bank, the plane was never heard from again."

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