Tegema conjugation

Conjugate tegema - to do

Present tense

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
teen I do
teed you do
tee he does do
teeme we do
teete you all do
teevad they do

Past tense

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
tegin I did do
tegid you did do
tegi he did do
tegime we did do
tegite you all did do
tegid they did do

Conditional mood

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
teeksin I would do
teeksid you would do
teeks he would do
teeksime we would do
teeksite you all would do
teeksid they would do

Imperative mood

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
tee you do!
tehkeyou all do!

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Usage information for tegema

There is no additional usage information for the verb tegema.

Examples of tegema

Example in EstonianTranslation in EnglishFm.
See läheb maksma. Tehke, mida peate tegema.Do what you have to do.
Tehke mida te tegema peate.You do what you have to do.
Kui te peate seda tegema, siis tehke seda õigesti!If you're going to do it, you really ought to do it properly.
Ja nüüd tehke mida iganes te arvate, et te peate tegema.Now do what you have to do!
Tehke, mida te peate tegema.Just do what you have to do.
Kõike, mida teha tahate... tehke.Anything you want to do... do it.
Tehke, mida teha vaja.So do what you got to do.
-Tehke ruttu, mul on vaja tööd teha.- Mis ma teile toon?-Make it quick, I have work to do. -What can I get you?
Pidage meeles, mida iganes Shane käsib teil teha. Tehke seda.Remember, whatever Lieutenant Wolfe asks you to do, do it.
Kuid ükskõik mida ta teil käsib teha, ärge tehke seda.But whatever he tells you to do, do not do it.
Tehke nii, nagu kästud ja mina teen nii, nagu ütlesin.Do as you're told and I'll do as I'm told.
Tehke nüüd nagu mina teen ja öelge, mida ma ütlen pange mind uhkust tundma.Now, do what I do... and say what I say... and make me proud.
Ma teen mis te käsite. Ärge ainult haiget tehke.Look, I'll cooperate, but just don't hurt me, okay?
Ma lähen teen veidi tööd, sa lõpeta siin ära, ja teie tehke aeg tasa.l really am gonna do a little work. So why don't you just finish this? You two catch up, and you know how to fix these.
Bänd, järgige mind ja tehke seda mida mina teen.Now, band, follow me and do what I do, say what I say.
Tehke seda, ja me teeme ükskõik mida tahate.You do that... we'll do anything you want.
Tehke kõik mis vaja, et keegi ei teaks mida me siin teemeMake sure no one outside knows what we're doing.
Me teeme kõik, et seda lepingut pidada. Siis ärge tehke seda!- We'll do everything to abide by that deal.
Teie tehke oma tööd ja meie teeme enda oma.Yeah, you do your job and we'll do ours, eh?
Tehke uks lahti või mee teeme ise.Open the door or we come in by force.
Tehke... mida nemad teevad.Just... do what they do.
Tehke kohe lahti. - Sa tegid seda jälle.- You've done it again.
Mu härra, tehke mis on teie kohus, kuid näidake üles austust sõdurite vastu kes tegid vaid seda, mida neil kästi.Sir, kindly do your duty and respect the honor of soldiers who have been forced to do theirs.
Aga ärge mu lapsele viga tehke selle eest, mida ta tegi.But please don't hurt him because of what she did.

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