Magama conjugation

Conjugate magama - to sleep

Present tense

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
magan I sleep
magad you sleep
maga he does sleep
magame we sleep
magate you all sleep
magavad they sleep

Past tense

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
magasin I did sleep
magasid you did sleep
magas he did sleep
magasime we did sleep
magasite you all did sleep
magasid they did sleep

Conditional mood

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
magaksin I would sleep
magaksid you would sleep
magaks he would sleep
magaksime we would sleep
magaksite you all would sleep
magaksid they would sleep

Imperative mood

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
maga you sleep!
magageyou all sleep!

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Usage information for magama

There is no additional usage information for the verb magama.

Examples of magama

Example in EstonianTranslation in EnglishFm.
Eile õhtul olin ma liiga näljane, et magama jääda ja täna sain ma oma kõhu korda, aga nemad toovad traadi vedamise lagedale.Last night I was too hungry to sleep, and tonight, when I get the wrinkles out of my gut, they think up wiring duty.
Aga, Franz, sa pead nüüd magama.Oh- - Oh, but, Franz, you must try to sleep now.
Sa pead magama minema.You must go to sleep.
Vaata siis ette kuhu astud, seal on piisavalt trikloriidi, et jõehobukari magama panna.- I have, sir. - Watch your step. There's enough trichloride to put hippos to sleep.
Charles, isegi ajalehemehed peavad magama.Charles, even newspapermen have to sleep.
madratsid, mis on määratletud kui sisetingimustes kasutamiseks ettenähtud tooted, mille peal saab magada või puhata.bed mattresses, which are defined as products that provide a surface to sleep or rest upon for indoor use.
Ehitised peavad olema projekteeritud ja ehitatud nii, et kasutajate või läheduses olevate inimeste poolt tajutud müra hoitakse tasemel, mis ei ohusta nende tervist ning võimaldab rahuldavates tingimustes magada, puhata ja töötada.The construction works must be designed and built in such a way that noise perceived by the occupants or people nearby is kept to a level that will not threaten their health and will allow them to sleep, rest and work in satisfactory conditions.
See pole õige nädalavahetus talus, kui ei saa küünis magada.It wouldn’t be a proper weekend on the farm if you didn’t get the chance to sleep in the hay barn.
Ja sulgpatju, mille peal magada.And a feather bed to sleep on.
Aga mul on vaja kohta, kus öösel magada.But I do need a place to sleep at night.
Päikesetõusuni on veel hulgaliselt aega. Päeva ajal, mu sõber, magan ma kõige paremini."It is a long time until sunrise during the day, my friend, I truly sleep the deepest sleep."
Mina magan üleval.Me? I'm sleeping aloft.
Seda, kuidas kõnnin, räägin, mõtlen, näitlen, magan.How I walk, talk, think, act, sleep.
Ma magan.I'm asleep.
Nüüdsest peale ma magan siin.I sleep here from tonight
Sa magad tänase öö siin.You can sleep here tonight.
Kui pead end korralikult ülal ja teed, mis kästud, magad korralikus magamistoas, saad palju süüa ning raha shokolaadi ja taksosõidu jaoks.If you're good and do whatever you're told, you shall sleep in a proper bedroom, have lots to eat... and money to buy chocolates and take rides in taxis.
Kui aga oled üleannetu ja laisk, magad tagaköögis prussakate seas ja saad pr. Pearce'i käest luuaga kolki.If you're naughty and idle, you shall sleep in the back kitchen among the black beetles, and be walloped by Mrs. Pearce With a broomstick.
Mida kiiremini sa Oz'ist välja saad, seda paremini sa magad, kallike.The sooner you get out of Oz altogether, the safer you'll sleep, my dear.
On sul selle vastu, kui sa oma riietusruumis magad?Would you mind sleeping in your dressing room?
Miks sa hoiad oma kööki rindejoonest nii kaugel. Me ei saa kunagi süüa, kuni on külm ja me magame!Why, you keep your kitchen so far back of the lines, we never get anything to eat until it's cold and we're asleep!
Meie kehad said mullaks ja mõtted saviks ja me magame ja sööme koos surmaga.Our bodies are earth and our thoughts are clay, and we sleep and eat with death.
Meie kõik "lilled" magame talveund.All us flowers sleep in the winter.
Me sööme ja magame ning ongi kõik.We eat and sleep and that's about all.
Raha jääb üha vähemaks. Varsti oleme taas kerjused. Kerjame sente ja magame vagunites.Money's getting shorter every day... and soon we'll be right back where we were, on the bum again... pushing guys for dimes, sleeping around in freight cars.
Teie magate siin.- Bring blankets. You shall sleep here.
Vastsündinud magavad päevas keskmiselt 16 tundi ja 3–5aastased lapsed magavad umbes 11–13 tundi päevas.Every day, newborns sleep for on average at least 16 hours, and at 3-5 years children still sleep for 11-13 hours a day.
Mõned loomad hoiavad talvel energiat kokku ja magavad.Some spend the winter sleeping to save energy.
Mõned loomad hoiavad energiatkokku ja magavad.Some spend the winter sleeping to save energy.
Mahovanid magavad.Mahowoni sleep.
Tegelikult magavad nad isegi samas voodis, aga kordamööda.As a matter of fact, they sleep in the same bed. In shifts, of course.
Kas ma magasin terve päeva?I've been asleep all day, haven't I?
Ma vist magasin juba, kui koju jõudsid.I guess I was asleep when you got home.
Ma nägin unes, et ma magasin tänaval ja tuli üks noor mees, ta oli pikk ja tugev.I dreamt I was asleep in the street, and a young man came, he was tall and strong.
Jah, väga hästi magasin.Yes. I had a fine night's sleep.
Olite siin, kui ma magasin?Were you here while I was asleep?
Seni kuni sa magasid, kutsuti ajalehest intervjuud andma.And while you were sleeping, the newspaper called up for an interview. With me?
Mitu tundi sa magasid?- How many hours did you sleep?
Kas magasid hästi?-Did you sleep well?
- Kas magasid?- You all right? - Yes. Were you asleep?
Sa magasidYou were sleeping
- Ta magas, kui ma ära tulin.- She was asleep when I left.
Tagaistmel magas tekiga kaetud poiss.A boy was sleeping under a blanket in the back seat.
Nüüd magas terve Kassisalu.Now, everyone in Katthult was asleep.
Jah, nüüd magas terve Kassisalu - nii inimesed kui loomad.Yes, every living soul in Katthult was asleep, man and beast.
Mingi jõud magas minus, aga nüüd hakkab ä if some power inside me was asleep, and now it's awakening.
Aga öösel magasime tähtede all.And at night we'd sleep out under the stars.
Ehitasime onnid, milles öösel magasime.* We build huts in the forest, and we sleep in them overnight.
Kas me magasime?Were we asleep?
Me kõik magasime.We were all asleep.
Me magasime, ning me oleme siin.We were all asleep and we're here.

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