Andma conjugation

Conjugate andma - to give

Present tense

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
annan I give
annad you give
anna he does give
anname we give
annate you all give
annavad they give

Past tense

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
andsin I did give
andsid you did give
ands he did give
andsime we did give
andsite you all did give
andsid they did give

Conditional mood

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
annaksin I would give
annaksid you would give
annaks he would give
annaksime we would give
annaksite you all would give
annaksid they would give

Imperative mood

Estonian FormEnglish TranslationEx.
anna you give!
andkeyou all give!

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Usage information for andma

There is no additional usage information for the verb andma.

Examples of andma

Example in EstonianTranslation in EnglishFm.
Kasutajate tagasiside on teave, mida parkla kasutajad annavad selleks, et isiklikult ja anonüümselt anda nõu teistele tulevastele kasutajatele ja veoautoparklate haldajatele.Feedback from the users is information that is provided by the parking users in order to give personal and anonymous advice to other future users and to truck parking area operators.
Kui ta ei jõua homseks järeldusele, et on nii haige, et peab minema esmaspäva hommikul paariks aastaks ära, kõik osariigi ajalehed, välja arvatud tema omad, annavad välja jutu, mille ma neile annan. Mis jutu?Unless he decides by tomorrow that he's so sick he has to go away for a year Monday morning, all papers in the state, except his, will carry the story I'll give.
Mina annan Goa'uldidele mida nad tahavad, ja nad annavad mulle, mida mina tahan.I give to the Goa'uld what they want, and they give back to me what I want.
Ma kuulan, annan nõu, natuke hellust, hoian neid kõvasti ja siis nad annavad alati midagi armast vastu, paki sigarette, mõne kommi, viilu juustu.I listen, give advice a little tenderness, hold them tight and then they always give us something nice in return.
Mina annan neile oma 8 lisatundi ja nemad annavad mulle raha. Vahetusraha.I give them my extra eight hours, and they give me money.
Nad ütlesid, et nad annavad Amy mulle tagasi, kui ma annan neile tõendi.They said they would give Amy back to me if I gave them the evidence.
-Ajal mil oled valmis juhtima minema,Vierni jalad annavad alla ja sina annad talle vastu perset kui sa tast möödud.By the time you get ready to take over, viren's legs will be crap. The only kick he'll have left is the one you give him in the ass on your way by.
Ütle, et annad neile oma relvi ja nemad annavad tehnoloogiat vastu.Say you decide to share some of your weaponry. They, in turn, give you some of their technology.
Mis tähendab, et sina annad üles oma mehed, või annavad sinu mehed üles sinu.Which means you either give up your boys or your boys give up you.
Sa annad Rohelistele Jumalannadele 10000 dollarit ja nad annavad sulle logo, puhastusvahendid ja lühikesed särgid.You give Green Goddesses $10,000 and they give you the logo, the cleaning supplies, and the short skirts.
Me anname neile viis miljonit ning endid pantvangideks, kui nad rahva üle annavad.We give them the five million and ourselves as hostages when they turn over the passengers.
Ta kirjutab kirja oma perekonnale, mille saadame nende poolele. Nemad annavad meile Milosi ja meie anname neile tüdruku. Ja ongi rahu Bosnias.She writes a letter to her family, we send it over to her side, they give us Milos, we give them the girl and it's peace in Bosnia!
Nad annavad meile oma elu, meie anname neile teise vastu.They give us their life, we give them a new one.
Samamoodi, kui on ette nähtud, et töötajad ja kohalikud töötajad annavad teavet direktorile, annavad direktor ja direktori asetäitja sellist teavet juhatusele.Similarly, where it is provided that the staff and local staff shall give information to the Director, the Director and Deputy Director shall give such information to the Executive Board.
Selleks et tagada käesoleva otsuse nõuetekohane kohaldamine, annavad ühendus ja Türgi teineteisele pädevate tollivõimude kaudu abi kaupade liikumissertifikaatide A.TR. autentsuse ja nendes antud teabe õigsuse kontrollimisel.In order to ensure the proper application of this Decision, the Community and Turkey shall assist each other, through the competent customs authorities, in checking the authenticity of A.TR. movement certificates and the correctness of the information given in them.
Artikli 44 punkti b rakendamiseks annavad ühenduse liikmesriikide ja Türgi toll teineteisele abi tarnija deklaratsioonides esitatud teabe täpsuse kontrollimisel.For the implementation of Article 44(b) the customs authorities of the Member States of the Community and of Turkey shall assist each other in checking the accuracy of the information given in suppliers' declarations.
Meie andsime neile tubakat ja nemad annavad enda oma vastu...We give them our tobacco, they give us theirs, I don't get it.

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